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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, September 16 2015 7:00 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $45,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, September 16 2015 7:00 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Fernando Jasso

      Nice! Excited about the relaunch.

    2. Mezezzo

      Wow so close, will see you in the relaunch

    3. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      Thank you all so much! It is great to see the excitement all of you have for the Oasis! I really hope you all had the chance to read through update #9 and fill out our form, I really want to stay in contact with all of you! I am excited to work with the Product Development team, it keeps growing! Remember to fill out the form: http://bit.ly/Future-of-the-Oasis

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      Tim Bretland on

      So close!!! I still believe 100% in this product and will absolutely be backing you again! Would love to be a product tester and spread the world in person to all my friends and backpacking community ;)

    5. Missing avatar


      I'm in for a relaunch

    6. Missing avatar

      Tetsu on

      What a bummer. The nanolum filter in particular i was really excited about. But the whole modular concept was great.

    7. Missing avatar

      samuel tng on

      I believe this is a amazing product, please do not give up!

      You will have my backing and support at relaunch!

    8. Missing avatar

      Calvin Schmid on

      I would echo these comments..., I would still pay for one if available; I would be willing to help in a refunding effort. So close. This is a good product. I still want it.

    9. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      Thank you all so much for your support! The Oasis will not stop here, check update #9 for where will go in the future!

    10. Emily Harris on

      I would 100% still buy this. Any chance that'll be possible?

    11. Cory Potter on

      So close... if everyone shares?

    12. Missing avatar


      Tell your friends and fellow backpackers about this project. Let's get it funded so we can all get some awesome filters

    13. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      @ Wen You Thng. Yes you can still be a part of the product dev. team package. You will be able to sign up with the survey we send out at the end as well as add any other filters you would like.

      @Willis. I'm sure your wife will love it! :) yes, the survivor package can be adapted to be used as a gravity filter as well. Thank you!

    14. Missing avatar

      Willis on

      I've already pledged the clean carry for my wife's every day activities. I'm also thinking about pledging the survivor to keep with my backpacking gear. Can the survivor also be use as a gravity system as well?

    15. Wen You Thng on

      Hi, I've selected collector as my mum prefers stainless bottles. May I still be involve in the product development team package? Or am I just limited to 1?

    16. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      @ Paul Ruai. We will make it possible for everyone to purchase additional parts once we've funded. Then you can add on the water bottle if you'd like that.

      @Morgan. Haha yes, the hydration reservoir is a legit reservoir meant for more than just gravity filtering. It will work great inside of your bag while hiking.

    17. Morgan on

      Could you give a bit more detail about the hydration bladder things? Is it more for gravity filtering? Or can it take the strain of, say, being sandwiched between 150lbs of sweaty man and 40lbs of sweaty backpack?

    18. Paul Ruai on

      A water bottle with the development kit would make sense.. some people don't have a bladder bag to in line the development kit with and I don't think many would want to do the toliet challenge with a in line directly into the toliet bowl..

    19. Paul Ruai on

      What quick release type would you recommend for those that are selecting the Dev kit and want to use it inline with their hydration system?

    20. Missing avatar


      I'm thrilled you've reached 50% funding. Would it be worth considering add-ons for additional funding to a pledge, rather than wait until afterwards to purchase additional items? I've backed the dev option because I'd love to help test this, but I'd certainly like some of the other items.

    21. Missing avatar


      @Khamiko Konzsaki, from the FAQ:

      Will this remove flouride?
      No, however activated carbon, which can be used in the Oasis has been shown to reduce the amount of fluoride in water.

    22. Missing avatar

      Khamiko Konzsaki on

      I haven't seen this question yet, so I will ask. Which filters if any can remove fluoride? That is my biggest concern right now is the mass amounts of fluoride that is in the tap water and nearly every other water based product. I have backed a backpacker kit, but would like to know if I can buy a filter for fluoride as well. Thank you.

    23. Mario Alberto on

      This needs to get funded already D: im looking forward to get this... Perhaps a backup plan for release?:)

    24. Missing avatar


      Nice thanks :) wish you make to the goal soon.

    25. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      @Seyha, at the end of the campaign when we send the survey's for backers, you'll have the opportunity to purchase additional items at the same discount we are running for all our Kickstarter backers. You'll be able to get the water bottle kit for a great price.

    26. Missing avatar


      Hi, I pledge for product Dev team but it don't come with water bottle. Can I add just water bottle?

    27. Missing avatar


      Nice updated but I won't want to filter that kind water haha. Forest water is ok

    28. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      We have been getting a lot of questions about the cost of replacement filters. A lot of that will depend on the volume of orders we can place but we certainly have estimates and targets. This of course is all highly subject to change but...

      The Nanolum replacements: $15-$20
      The HF Module (hollow fiber membrane): $10-15
      Activated Carbon & Other Loose Fill Media: $3-6

    29. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      @Tasha, This will work with any bottle that has a 28mm (PCO or soda bottle) or 58mm (wide mouth, Nalgene) opening. It looks like most hydro flasks use the wide mouth (58mm) size so it will work with your water bottles. Our adapter would replace the lid (flip-up straw). We are working on a design that would allow you to even use your favorite lids with flip-up straws or whatever.

    30. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      @ Tyler, the filters will likely be sealed in air-tight packaging which should push the shelf life out to 25-30+ years.

    31. Tasha Turner

      Sounds really interesting. What I'm not clear on is will this work with my current water bottles like Hydroflask? If so will it replace the flip-up straw top?

    32. Tyler on

      Are there shelf lives for the filters?

    33. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      @ Mario Alberto: I'm glad to hear your enthusiasm! The only one that will come with prototypes is the Dev Team package. All the other packages will be for final polished and perfected units. The Dev team will get final perfected versions as well.

    34. Mario Alberto on

      Ohh man I can't wait to get this, it sucks production will take a while, but it gives me time to plan the best camp experience I've had, but im considering the Dev Team package just so i can get the early models... Or will the complete package come with finalized and perfected versions? thanks for getting back to me so soon by the way

    35. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      @Mario Alberto: The collector includes a water bottle PLUS the stainless steel modules. The stainless modules are beautiful! We have a few prototypes and I love the look and feel of them. You'll get those with a message engraved in them.

    36. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      @Tal A: We will be adding some combo packages in the coming week. Trying to figure out appropriate pledge amounts and packages is always tricky. We don't want to have so many that people have a hard time choosing. In any case, when we fund all backers will have the opportunity to order more of anything we offer at the awesome KS prices.

    37. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      @ Sharil: Yes to both. I think I own every Sawyer water filter ever made and I've experimented a lot with their systems and many others and you can use their squeeze bags with ours and ours will connect to hydration systems in the very same way some of their models do. I'm a huge Sawyer fan but honestly can say the Oasis is a million times better in every way ;) We will get some photos and video of the filter in action that should show this. Stay tuned!

    38. Sharil on

      Is there a system to attach the adventure filters to an existing hydration system so that we can refill the bladder without taking the bladder out of the bag ala Sawyer's squeeze system? At the very least, would it be possible to attach the Sawyer squeeze bag to the intake of the HF module?

    39. Tal A on

      @Daniel, any chance to add combo packages as well, like 2 bottles with filters etc.?

    40. Missing avatar

      Douglas on

      Also, will most of the parts be dishwasher safe?

    41. Mario Alberto on

      I see what you did there @Daniel haha so what does the complete package have over the Dev team package? I just got it cuz it says complete but i only noticed the water bottle

    42. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      Ben, I think I know you... ;)

      Tal, As for stretch goals, we are thinking of them. But we are focused right now on funding!

      Please share us with anyone you know that drinks water.... :)

    43. Ben Beck on

      I love that this is already at $5800 after just two days! I think you better start coming up with some stretch goals/rewards.

    44. Tal A on

      Pledged as well, looks great product hope it'll get fully funded.

      By the way, any stretch goals at this stage?

    45. Daniel Beck 2-time creator on

      @ Douglas Yes, after we are funded we will send all of our backers a survey, there will be a link giving you the option to purchase any other additional parts or filters at Kickstarter price.

    46. Missing avatar

      Douglas on

      Will there be a site that we would be able to purchase extra/ replacement filters after the product is shipped to us?
      And any discount on replacement filters for kickstart backers?

    47. Adrian Adams

      Great looking product just pledge for a Developer Pack. Here's to a successful campaign.