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Two conservatory students with a passion for promoting peace, Lauren Manning and Holly Jenkins will tour the Middle East.

We believe that music is a powerful force, capable of effecting positive change in individuals and society. Its transformative power transcends race, religion, politics, concepts of nation-states, borders and education; thus through its exoteric nature, music realizes humanity in its most basic form. Through our music, we hope to move audiences toward a greater understanding of their place in their communities and cultures. Although we continue to learn, discover, and educate ourselves as students and artists, our purpose and aspirations as violinists go much further than creating prestigious careers. We hope to influence people through our playing and help them to more fully realize their identities as part of the human race. The youth of the Arab world have risen up to call for change in their societies and governments - change which will promote justice and a progressively peaceful existence. Their innate yearnings are portrayed in our music.

We will be in the Middle East for 6 weeks during summer 2011 - primarily Jordan and Palestine. We will be working in cooperation with the Sonad Project and other non-profit organizations to present a concert tour in a variety of venues for a variety of audiences. We will perform in community development centers, music schools, concert halls, and foreign embassies. Our concert program will be composed of traditional and non-traditional concert music, from the solo violin works of Ysaye and J.S. Bach to transcriptions of ethnic Arab and Jewish music. Each piece will be proceeded by explanation of compositional intent, cultural significance, and realization of emotion and expression. In conjunction to the recital tour, we will conduct lessons and workshops for young music students in Jordan and Ramallah, Palestine.

We need your help! Although we are still students, we passionately believe that it is our responsibility as musicians and artists to promote justice and represent peace though our art. Please support us in our efforts to promote a peaceful and just existence in a region where these ideals are most absent. Your support will provide the money we need for travel and accommodations while overseas. We will also be able to produce our very first album of the tour program, as well as properly document our experiences and discoveries through live video footage. You will receive very cool rewards for your support, and our sincerest appreciation for helping us effect positive change through music in the Middle East.

Thank you!


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