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Touch Lumen and heat of your body will be converted to Light! Everlasting light source that is always with you.
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Some new pics and estimated dates

Posted by Rost (Creator)

 Hello backers. Today I've received few aluminium cases from paint workshop and thermoelectric generators with fingerprint logo. I've decided to anodize aluminium in light silver color (according to most opinions). Here is how aluminium Lumens will look:

 I'll try to answer most common questions:

1. Why you need to cover aluminium? Leave it natural color!

Sorry, can't do this. Aluminium will oxidize quickly and will look slovenly.

2. How titanium cases will look like?

I'll try to make them as shown on video - with mirror finish

3. Can I change my pledge?

Sorry, no. I have production plan of what should be produced. No changes at this point.

4. Main question: When I'll get my Lumen???

I hope to ship aluminium Lumens to early birds within 6 weeks from this moment. I'm a bit slow with making mould to bottom rubber parts and secure installing tritium vials is still a work I need to do.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael debella on

      Is there a new update? Last update I see was almost a year ago. Have any of them shipped?

    2. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      Status update please... It's been a been a while

    3. David D Stanton on

      Greetings, just looking for a status please.

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert Latas on

      Starting to get a little anxious to see the finished product. Any more updates on when you think you will be done and shipping out?

    5. Soon Kheng Teik on

      So, it has been almost a month now... Any updates about readiness and shipping?

    6. Tera on

      Seven years...

      Seven years - sounds like an anecdote.
      After seven years will die, or donkey, or Sultan...

    7. Rost 2-time creator on

      Lumen has internal metal parts. Some serve as additional radiators on pcb, some are simple spacers.

    8. James on

      Rost, aren't the metal parts machined? What is the mold for? I would think that you could machine all the metal parts without a mold (which I assume is for the rubber pad on the bottom).

    9. Rost 2-time creator on

      Walter, I'm waiting for a mould. Once mould produced (wiwthin 2 weeks) i'll produce all metal parts within 3 days.

    10. Walter Babigian on

      Rost it would be nice (and good customer service)if you could address my question and Bryan's concern on time of production. Because of the shear quantity it would appear you might want to get some help. If Bryan is correct 7 years is unacceptable even over a year from now is.I think we have been patient and respectful and ask you do the same for your backers.

    11. Rost 2-time creator on

      Johnathan, what do you mean?

    12. Jonathan Sanders on

      Image of thumb print is backwards.
      Yes I do have issues, but it bothers me lol.

    13. Missing avatar

      Maxim Domnitskyi on

      Nice Job! I was wondering, can you give some rough estimates on when Titanium Lumens will be available?

    14. Missing avatar

      Xipi on

      I appreciate the updates and your work. Everybody would like to have theirs as soon as possible ofcourse, but I understand this takes time, more time than some of us think and that is okay. I only hope it will come eventually and nothing happens in the meantime, like you get hit by a truck, or I get hit by a truck.

      One question: that LED, is it in reality true white or a bit blueish as I now see it from the pictures ? For reading a book in the dark real white is far more preferrable and ergonomic than blueish white. I realize that you may not be able to change anything now for the aluminium version and that there are maybe other factors to consider like the current draw and efficiency of the LED and the price which could make blueish preferrable to you instead of the white preferred by me, but if there is a chance and all other factors being equal, could the titanium version than be equiped with the whiter LED version ?

      I realize I'm not the only one asking questions, but I hope you will read this and can find a moment to clarify this LED issue perhaps ? In any case, my thanks.

    15. Missing avatar

      kcntx05 on

      Good choice light silver. Keep up the good work. �. I second Kevon's statement. Good update.

    16. James on

      It's great you're making progress, but I hope the production speed ramps up quite a bit. At the current rate (50 early birds in the next 6 weeks) it'll take 7.6 years to ship all 3309 Lumens. Heck, even if you start pumping out 50 a week (6 times faster) we're still looking at about a year and 3 months. Here's to hoping that either my math is wrong or the production process is going to speed up quite a bit.

    17. Walter Babigian on

      How about a status for those of us who pledged for the Titanium version. We are months out and no update delivery date on those? Would be nice to have some idea.

    18. Kevon James Fansler on

      I'm getting super excited to see this. Not at all mad this is taking a bit longer than expected. I'm glad your holding goals to the highest quality of product. Id much rather wait a few extra months to recieve a top quality product, than to recieve something that want yup to standards. I'm glad to see you take real pride in what you do. Keep up the awesome work bro =D