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Touch Lumen and heat of your body will be converted to Light! Everlasting light source that is always with you.
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Final look of Lumen

Posted by Rost (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter! Sorry for a long awaited update. Testing of a few dozens of Lumens show good results.

Today I've received aluminium cases from painting. It is a very good scratch-resistant coating, But before I decide in which color I'll paint them I want to hear your opinion:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Royal Toy

      I concur with most of the other backers in that the natural color of the metal would be best.

    2. Eric McMurtry

      Natural finish in both. Somekind of tough clear coat would be nice.

      I don't mind the dings, nicks, and scratches in my tools. This, most definitely, is a tool.

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Wilson

      I would prefer my titanium one in it's natural colour, thanks.

    4. Tyler Poelstra on

      Pure titanium would be my top preference - no paint to chip or scratch. If it looks as clean and polished as in the photos of the product, that is what I want because it looks beautiful. However, in if they must be painted, then in order of preference I would prefer: silver, black, metallic orange (easier to see, and matches the orange on the thumb print).

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul R on

      Unless there is a reason to paint the cases, I would prefer to leave them their natural color. If the MUST be painted, I would go with a royal blue.

    6. Missing avatar

      Greg A on

      Does the metal need to be painted? I like the look of bare metal, but if the paint helps the unit perform better, then I would say black or neutral colored.

      Does the paint help the unit function? If so, would a clear sealant work as good as paint?

      I'm pretty excited about this light!

    7. Missing avatar

      David Stanley on

      Bare metal (natural) look is nice, like in original videos - but if painting required then in order of preference: silver, black, metallic blue.

    8. CrimsonFistsCaptain on

      Dark Blue. Or metallic Blue.

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Walter Babigian on

      Does this apply to aluminum only or to Titanium as well? I like the polished metal look, but if needs paint then royal blue or Ferrari red.

    11. Missing avatar

      kcntx05 on

      Silver chrome black are my top choices glow in the dark would be interesting. but not sure how well that would work.

    12. Missing avatar

      R.L. Roy on

      You choose the color according to your cost.
      This sample looks terrific ! Congratulations !

    13. Liza Shulyayeva on

      OR..just a thought..maybe some sort of subtle glow in the dark or very reflective finish that is easy to spot in low light? After all you would want to be able to easily find your flashlight when you need it, which would be when it's dark.

    14. Liza Shulyayeva on

      So cool! I actually like the natural as well - it looks robust and utilitarian. If not natural then my vote would be black :) Thanks for your hard work on this!

    15. RobSaint on

      No colour raw titanium.
      Anodised matt army green for the aluminium with bright orange finger print decal and dark grey rubber base

    16. Missing avatar

      Jyri Rauhala on

      I did select the titanium option because of the great looks of the metal.
      Therefore... natural shine is my preference for that (I guess there is no need to comment the options for aluminium)

    17. Missing avatar

      Andreas Zehetner on

      I would like natural, just pure titan or Aluminium.
      Black wouldn't that good because in the dark black is the worst choice of color to find.

    18. Missing avatar

      kcntx05 on

      Silver chrome black are my top choices glow in the dark would be interesting. but not sure how well that would work.

    19. Kent Tsoi

      Black and orange

    20. Missing avatar

      Nao Yasuda on

      Sandblasted or brushed without color.

    21. Missing avatar

      Tetsuya Shigihara on


    22. Missing avatar

      Tetsuya Shigihara on

      Any color but artially use phosphorescent paint

    23. Josh on

      Metallic blue! (Or silver)

    24. Chris Doernbrack on

      I feel like if you don't give a limited set of options you are going to get hundreds of opinions. Why not keep it simple with a few options.

    25. Missing avatar

      David Johnston on

      Bare brushed metal would look fine.

    26. Missing avatar

      Yohan Ham on

      Matte black would be dope! Or anodized black

    27. Missing avatar

      MB on

      Matte finish. No paint. No color.

    28. Missing avatar

      Russell Buehrle on

      A color easy to locate in the dark.

    29. Brian Salge

      Matte black or unfinished is great.

    30. Missing avatar

      John Stewart on

      Dark, durable anodised green, either military or preferably British racing green. Or black. Titanium is a third option. Thanks!

    31. Toshitaka Inoue on

      would like a natural color and watch how it changes over the coming years of usage.
      Hoping it will last a long time.
      Surprised to see how fast and bright it responds.
      Can't wait to get mine.

    32. Missing avatar

      Michael Traynor

      Black, chrome, gray, silver, metallic blue

    33. Warren Rogers on

      Metallic blue or red would be good.

    34. Missing avatar

      kcntx05 on

      Natural, black , silver, Chrome are my top choices. Ok with orange or dark blue

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Metallic sounds nice but probably easily lost

    36. Rick Hays

      Natural with no color.

    37. Jonathan Sanders on

      The most durable anodizing is a darker green. Like the anodizing on a Surefire flashlight. I'd go for that, the most durable option. I intend to treat this like a tool and it will live attached to the strap of my backpack.

    38. Missing avatar

      hector on

      My pledge was for the Titanium model , so if possible I would love a tumbled finish, if that's to much work, a plain titanium finish would be just fine, I think most of us, who pledge for Titanium would prefer that over color coating.

      I didn't pledge for an Aluminum model, so my opinion isn't a vote but just that, an opinion. I agree that the best choice would be hard anodizing. Preferably in various popular colors, like the common set of silver, black, red, blue and maybe pink. Make a poll of all the colors you could use so that way you can get the most popular ones or, in case you can do only one color, the backers can choose witch more precisely.

    39. Missing avatar

      Karl on

      I would like a orange or neon green something that will catch the eye if it is misplaced

    40. Missing avatar

      Julie on

      I vote for unpainted or a clear coat. The natural color is nice :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Ansgar Frackenpohl on

      Please keep an option for having it delivered unpainted. I'd really prefer the natural titanium color. I don't mind any machining marks, it makes it look even more special in my opinion. Cheers for the update. It all comes together quite nice. Looking forward to my Lumen.

    42. Missing avatar

      Matt Beilstein on

      I vote for a natural finish int he color of the material (polished) like shown in the ad campaign with a hard coat clear on top. I also wouldn't mind a hardcoat mil spec black that is tough and scratch resistant for everyday carry with keys, etc.

    43. Missing avatar

      Don on

      RE Colors-

      If you paint, the lowest option would be powder coated. As a pocket carry, that won't be a forever finish but will be most durable as paints go.

      Better option: Hard-coat anodizing. Very durable, very attractive. Done in a batch bath (parts go in a basket to submerge in solution) rather than having to be individually suspended to paint on a rack and then baked, so the mechanics of the process are less complex and better suited to quantity. The catch is having enough quantity to do at a time. It costs the anodizer about the same to run hundreds at once as it does a dozen or so.

      Color: Silver would show least wear over the longest time
      Black would be popular.
      Other- Red, Blue etc would all have some appeal.

      IF there is only one color, Silver is it.

      If the two color you show now (black side) will be final style, use a tough adhesive vinyl insert.

    44. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Mat Black please

    45. Missing avatar

      Greg Iosbaker on

      Black or just the natural titanium or aluminum color.

    46. Richard Johnson

      I like the plain titanium!

    47. Denis Danilin on

      Black or just leave it pure titanium.