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Touch Lumen and heat of your body will be converted to Light! Everlasting light source that is always with you.
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First dozen of aluminium cases are ready.

Posted by Rost (Creator)

Hello backers! First aluminium cases are ready.

 This is NOT how Lumen will look of course ;) This is cases before final treatment and anodizing.

Now, when I have all electronics and first cases I'll perform field tests of first Lumens and check integration of hardware and aluminium body.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Zachary ward on

      I'm just not certain about the thermal capacity of the metal body to transfer heat away from the T.E.G while a large portion of the unit is in direct contact with the user's warm skin.
      Also say that I want to use the unit for an hour when it's 80deg F outside. The unit will have to transfer my 98deg body heat into usable power. Yeah it won't be able to handle that long...

      I remember thinking this before, and I'll go ahead and say it now
      The best thermal insulator for this unit is carbon. Basically want to be able to have the unit power up and charge its capacitor, then once its body is saturated with heat then it can get rid of that excess heat quickly so the unit is usable again.
      So this in theory would work well.
      Aluminum has a thermal conductivity of
      205 W/mk, and Carbon has a conductivity of 1.7 W/mk.
      So the aluminum would transfer heat easily to the T.E.G, but the carbon wouldn't.

    2. Missing avatar

      John Remmerswaal on

      Dear Rost, an update, please?

    3. Walter Babigian on

      I think Zachary's question is a valid one. If not a team at least some help. Especially since the original delivery date has passed. Just a thought.

    4. Missing avatar

      Zachary ward on

      Howcome you haven't aquired a team to assist in the bulk creation of this product? It seems like you're doing all the steps alone, yet received enough money to hire a team to assist in making this happen.
      Why not?

    5. Wayne Little

      Not impressed with the millwork looks like a 5th grader did it.

    6. Jonathan Sanders on

      Don't forget the slots for tritium!

    7. alonan on

      good luck with field tests

    8. Nelson Nguyen on

      Great to hear more progress on the project!
      I hope the field tests go well.