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Touch Lumen and heat of your body will be converted to Light! Everlasting light source that is always with you.
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Progess update #1

Posted by Rost (Creator)

Hello Backers! Sorry for a long time without updates. First of all I have to admit that success of Lumen was a surprise for me. When I started this project I hoped for few hundreds, not for thousands. Production of such scale need absolutely another approach to manufacturing.

The main aspect that changed - I need PCBs and smd components, instead of soldering wire to wire that would be ok if I need to make only a few hundreds of pieces.

Right now I'm testing sample PCBc before ordering them for the whole project.

I've already received leds with current limiting resistors and aluminium plates for all Lumens:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Thorsten on

      Does somebody recognize this image?

      Right, its seems he just used images from the internet...

    2. Missing avatar

      David Johnston on

      Thank you for the regular updates! I'm happy to wait and receive a quality device that is long lasting.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dimitrios Bogiatzoules

      I sometime wonder if people can't read. This is not a webshop and when I backed this project it was clearly for all to read *estimated* delivery date February 2016. Of course projects can collapse but give Rost a fair chance...

    4. Rost 2-time creator on

      Hello Guys. I apologize for slow progress, but delays are inevitable.
      My goal is to make a great product, not to do it as fast as possible and use backers as beta-testers. At the end of this week I should receive first 500 pcbs. After that I'll assemble 20-30 pcs, put them in aluminum housing and begin testing before mass production. I'll keep informing You about all steps I make.

    5. Richard Thomas on

      Thank you for the update. This is an exciting project!

    6. Stephen Hales on

      Great, your efforts have acknowledged so highly. Keep at it. Thx

    7. Missing avatar

      Ram on

      Cheers!! hope that u are not getting stressed

    8. Toshitaka Inoue on

      Nice to see pictures!!
      Yes, a factory and a manufacture are totally different.
      Keep up the good work.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Jensen on

      Cheers for the update! hope you're enjoying the experience and learning loads that'll help with all your upcoming projects!

    10. Gord Churchill on

      Great news for your company!Glad to hear from you and waiting patiently.Thanks

    11. Missing avatar

      R.L. Roy on

      Thanks for the update. Congrats on your success. Take the time you need to achieve the perfection you are striving for. ALl the best to you.

    12. Missing avatar

      John Boehm

      @Creator - A very honest update, thank you.

      Economies of Scale are rarely considered by the average entrepreneur, but you seemed to have recognized this quickly enough and are implementing appropriate changes to the plan.

      Remember that QC and Distribution will have to factor into this, as well.

      Keep up the good work and keep on posting updates (good or not-so-good)!

    13. Nelson Nguyen on

      Thanks for the update Rost. You're just getting me really excited for when mine arrives!

    14. Matthew Coffer on

      This is a disappointing update... I'll take my refund now.