$951 pledged of $8,000 goal
By Mac Cooler-Stith
$951 pledged of $8,000 goal

Two Weeks In and Two Weeks to Go...

Thank you so much to my former mother-in-law, the paternal grandmother of my children, Susan Stith, for her very generous pledge. Susan is the director of the Family Life Offices of the Altoona/Johnston (PA) Catholic Diocese: http://www.ajdiocese.org/family-life I, personally, really like the Montessori classroom she and her collegues have created to dialogue with children about the values of the families in their community.

And thank you so much Susan Roscigno! Family titles in a divorce are interesting things in our culture, as it is supposed that when one occurs, everything that was once true is broken, that relationships with people are disposable, while relationships to titles is forever. Susan is the cousin of my former husband, John. I am so grateful for your support, Susan. The support of my family and friends means so very much to me. Susan is also a teacher and a fine, fine mother. 

So, we are past the half-way mark in our time here on Kickstarer. Sorry I have not been posting updates as of late. My younger child was out of school and not quite in his own activities yet, so we did a lot of playing and picnicking and not a whole lot of screen time.

We are not anywhere near the half-way mark in terms of funding this project. This means that unless something miraculous occurs this project is not going to happen the way I had envisioned it. No worries backers, if it is not funded that means you will not be charged anything by Kickstarter. No gain, no loss, there. 

I have been a little bummed out by all this, but I feel like there is enough interest, even if not enough to support this work in the form I proposed, that I am working on something I can salvage from the experiment. Something that I can afford to put my time into.

So, there will be more on that later. I still prefer the proposal I have made here, in this Kickstarter ad, but what can you do? Moving forward with anything isn't only up to you. Reality is something we create together. That may be lesson #1 in peace. There is nothing you can force and not destroy in the long run.

This is proving to be a very interesting experiment in creation and meditation on values.

Post again soon!




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    1. Mac Cooler-Stith Creator on June 18, 2012

      Thanks Rosalie! I did contact Mike. He never wrote back. I will try again!

    2. Rosalie Riegle on June 18, 2012

      Windy, why not contact Frank Cordaro at frank.cordaro@gmail.com? He has a HUGE Catholic Worker list and it goes to a whole bunch of people who don't live in CW houses. He just might be willing to send out your fundraiser; I don't know and don't have time to ask him but you could say I suggested it if you wish. Frank's a former priest and so not so much into the children's ed thing as mothers are. Did you ever contact Mike Baxter at Catholic Peace Fellowship? (Again, a former priest.) You need additonal outreach if you're to reach your goal, as you are well aware. I'm sorry I can't help you more but I'm in crunch deadline time with my latest book.