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An open source linear bearing for CNC equipment that is low cost and extremely easy to integrate into your design.
An open source linear bearing for CNC equipment that is low cost and extremely easy to integrate into your design.
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Starting to ship rewards

I finally got the last items, the carriage plates.  I have started shipping rewards.  I shipped a few today to get the feel for shipping the large boxes.  I have a bunch more to ship tomorrow.  I should get into full production soon.  

I have realized that there might be a large amount of scrap if I don't coordinate the cutting with all orders.  I am testing some cut optimization software.  This lets you plugin all the cuts and tells you how to best to arrange the cuts on each piece.  If anyone can recommend good free or cheap optimization software, please post a message here.

I made a quick cutting setup out of MakerSlide and a standard carriage.  Here is a video of the cutting area.


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    1. Bill French on October 19, 2011

      Yay! Just got mine. Thank you for everything!

    2. Barton Dring Creator on October 7, 2011

      Of course there are plans available for the laser. There are also instructions, assembly drawings, schematics, a BOM with sources, a Wiki, forum...and more. There are about 50 of them all over the world.

      There are also kits, but there is hold until the MakerSlide rewards have shipped.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Dean on October 7, 2011


      Are there plans available for your laser cutter? And if so, how might I go about getting a set? See I find two things utterly irresitsible. Tools... and toys. And a laser cutter is prabably one of the coolest tool/toys around. Been wanting one for years. Looks like this might be the way to get one. (Though I admit to be completely clueless when it comes to bits, bytes, and electrons. Gears and levers I understand. That other stuff is voodoo. Building it should be no problem. But I'll probably need some help getting it up & running.) Anyway, How much more MakerSlide do you figure I'll need to make one? (Over and above the $128 level.) Thanks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adrien on October 4, 2011 works very well. It is designed for woodworking but 5 year old version I have is well suited to your needs.

    5. Jeff Bradway on October 3, 2011

      I second the idea of optimizing your cuts. When the survey came out asking us cheap skates what items we'd like to buy from the first lot I was going to ask you if you wanted our desired dimensions. (To be honest I was going to see if I could bargain for more total length if some of the pieces were leftovers.)

      I don't have any solutions ready for optimization software, but if you do end up with scrap, you might be able to sell these pieces in the store once things get settled. Also, you (or a CS friend) might be able to write your own code. In the minute I've had to think about the program, it sounds like it should be something someone with a class in numeric's (curve fitting, optimization) should be able to whip up something in a few hours. My programming is a hobby and an aid to my job as a mechanical engineer though, so hopefully someone with more experience will offer some more specifics.

    6. Mike Sheldrake on October 3, 2011

      That's the one-dimensional bin packing problem. There should be some free solutions out there. I do that with 1'x8' cardboard stock in my surfboard production, so, if you can't find anything easy to use, I can probably run your numbers through my system, and get a cut list prepared.

    7. Missing avatar

      Larry on October 3, 2011

      I pledge a $1.00, What can I buy?
      Thanks, Larry