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A pop up gallery in New York City featuring a one month long, group show in June. Exact space to be announced in April.

A pop up gallery in New York City featuring a one month long, group show in June. Exact space to be announced in April.

A pop up gallery in New York City featuring a one month long, group show in June. Exact space to be announced in April. Read More
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In a city that’s famous for its insanely high population density and overflow of real estate, we often forget that it is also an area that holds enough vacant space to house all of its homeless. Now, a lot of those spaces are for sale for more than my life is worth and covered in red tape, rats, or something much more disgusting. But what about the properties that just need a fresh coat of paint and some good old tender lovin’ care?

That’s where we come in. We’re going to find a space, renovate it, get artists together, and open a temporary show in June, opening June 7th. With a month-long show, we’ll also host local musicians, film screenings, and other creative projects for events at night in our new home.


Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects. Powered by a unique all-or-nothing approach, projects must be fully funded or no money changes hands. In other words, if we don’t raise our goal of $2500 by April 15th at 11:59pm, we'll receive nothing and you will not be charged. However, once we have reached our goal, Amazon will collect your pledges and we will send those awesome rewards to you!

YOUR DONATION100% of the Kickstarter net contributions will be put towards the creation and maintenance of the Ground Floor Gallery. Specifics are listed in the FAQ section.

CAN WE EXCEED OUR GOALYes! Every penny you donate will help us move closer and closer to making this a reality. From our original goal and beyond, each dollar contributed will help solidify support through production, post and distribution.

HOW TO PLEDGEClick "BACK THIS PROJECT" and you will be asked to input your pledge amount and select a reward. From there, you will go through the Amazon checkout process. You must finish this process for your pledge to be recorded.


  • I'm glad you asked. This is a project is designed not solely for our profit, but for a large network of people. First, the artists of NYC get a chance to show their work in a gallery with no cost submissions and no prejudice against them because of a resume or lack thereof. Artists that previously would not have had a venue because of their experience or connections will finally have an equal opportunity jury show. Musicians, filmmakers, poets, and other creative people also have a similar chance to perform based purely on their ability and appropriation to the curation, not because of how popular they are or how much money they can bring in. Most galleries have to adhere to some sort of profitable system and therefore must keep business at a first priority, but since we are primarily focused on giving the artist in question a path to success. Finally, this will be a huge addition to the culture of the community surrounding the space. As you may very well know, there is enough vacant space in New York City to house all of its homeless. These empty buildings are gaping holes where potential for growth and development are lost, and we would like to be on the vanguard of a movement to patch up those holes. Every place has the opportunity for creativity to be born; we need to stop waiting around for someone else to open that door for us and march up to it ourselves. The amount we are asking for - $2,500 - is really pocket change in comparison to rent prices right now. As someone who has spent the last couple weeks constantly phoning real estate agents, I'm starting to understand the reality of the soaring costs of rent. However, with that money funded, we can show everyone how a little bit of donations - $5 here and there, even - can create a remarkable opportunity and cultural experience such as this one.

    That said, if our Kickstarter funding is unsuccessful, I will be the first to empty her pockets to try and still make this project work. The money is secondary to the idea and the mission. The donations should not be seen as a burden, but rather, a chance for anyone to jump on board and become a part of our team. Every donor can say that he or she was just as irreplaceable to this project as the artists, the space, or even me.

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  • Basically...

    - Paint, plaster, and the accompanying equipment to re-do walls (400+)

    - Electrician fees and electricity bills for our 3+ month stay (350+)

    - Cleaning products and equipment (200+)- Gallery rods/wall additions for installing artwork (400+)

    - Lighting & lighting structure for the exhibition (500+)

    - Printing handouts, catalogs, and other merchandise (250+)

    - Web & Print advertising, and Website/Domain Hosting (200+)

    - Housekeeping supplies: Guestbook, Postcards, Artist Bios, Food & Beverages for the opening/events, et cetera (200+)

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  • We have not yet specified our location because we are still in the search for the proper real estate. We will announce that in March! However, we will definitely be located in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

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  • We will send out an open call for submissions very soon! As a project based on the idea that you don't need concrete prerequisites to follow your dreams, we are willing to consider anyone's artwork. We will show and sell approximately 15 to 20 artists' work.

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  • Music! Film! Dance! Poetry! You name it. Again, we're an open-call organization. Everyone deserves a chance.

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