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Have you ever secretly wanted to be in the Da Vinci Code? Come read about my real-life quest for a lost concerto for cello in Helsinki!


With your help, I have reached my goal of $1,200 to travel to Helsinki, Finland this summer! I could not have done this without your support and I am so lucky to have you.  

However, there is still MUCH that needs to be done to make this research happen. The goal I have reached will help me with airfare to Helsinki and back!

Further sources of funding are needed for:

Travel to Turku, Finland to research at the National Sibelius Museum

Housing at the University of Helsinki

Visit to Ainola- the home of Aino and Jean Sibelius

Copy and printing materials at the National Library.

Lost Cello Concerto by Jean Sibelius: A Dissertation

Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) played a quintessential role in forging the national identity of Finland, composing such iconic melodies such as Valse Triste and Finlandia

I will be working with The National Library of Finland and the Sibelius Academy with Finnish musicologist and pianist Folke Grasbeck to locate and analyze lost fragments for cello that may have comprised the first movement of a lost cello concerto around 1888, intended to be composed for Sibelius’ brother Christian.

Sibelius wrote to his uncle on March 31st, 1888: "Yesterday, I finished the first movement of a cello concerto for Kitti. Kitti seems to think there are too few technical bravura passages and difficulties, but in my opinion they sound abominable on the cello whose strong point is precisely its cantilena". 

This research also could drastically impact the current cello repertoire through the addition of another work for cello and orchestra by one of the world’s most prolific composers of nineteenth and twentieth century music. I aim to raise awareness in the United States of all the works for unaccompanied cello, cello and piano, and chamber music by Sibelius. I hope to contribute to the efforts to discover and  potential reconstruction of a lost concerto for cello and orchestra.

With the permission of the heirs of Jean Sibelius, I aim to perform these fragments for cello for my final doctoral recital in the fall of 2012, works never before performed in the United States.

WIth my goal of $1,200, I plan to purchase a plane ticket to Helsinki, Finland. Any donations above and beyond this amount will go toward research materials and dormitory housing at the University. 

 Thanks for your help! 


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    Postcard from Helsinki, Finland with research updates and travel stories! I'm a good storyteller!

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    Postcards throughout my research journey with updates and travel stories, a signed CD of works for cello and piano by Jean Sibelius by famous Finnish pianist Folke Grasbeck.

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    Postcards, signed CD by Folke Grasbeck, invitation to my solo recital performing the works for cello by Jean Sibelius Fall 2013.

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    Postcards, signed CD by Folke Grasbeck, a bound copy of my completed dissertation, two tickets to one Minnesota Orchestra Classical Concert Series conducted by famed Finnish conductor Osmo Vanska.

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