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We're creating the world's best new public market right here in San Diego and filling it with farmers, chefs, art and food.
1,379 backers pledged $146,121 to help bring this project to life.

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Day One: You're amazing!

Posted by Catt White (Creator)

Thanks Kickstarters! (And by Kickstarters, we mean our amazing friends, family and followers.) We've been live for less than 12 hours now and we're more than 5% funded. We have a lot of friends in foodservice so who knows? That could be 10% once the late night crowd rings in. 

Someone pledged one dollar today, and that touched our hearts. We're guessing you're on a tight budget, but you made that vote of support. Someone else sent a note saying she couldn't afford to donate but she'd make sure everyone she knows gets the link. Awesome. That's important to us, because we're designing a Public Market that offers fresh veggies, street food and fine dining. Something for everybody. 

We've also posted $500 donations today, including some from unexpected places. We're awed. As Sally Field said, "You like us. You really like us." 

We actually got a $1,000 pledge today but due to technical difficulties it was cancelled. Our hearts soared, then fell. We were relieved to find out our donor hadn't reconsidered, and we think she'll figure out the technology and jump back in. Right, G? 

This is only the beginning, but knowing San Diego as we do, the beginning isn't that far from the end. We're a last minute bunch, so we picked a pretty short timeframe for our campaign. Don't wait. The sooner we meet our goal, the sooner we start scheduling those fun rewards. Farmhand Dinner? Yes, please!

It's your San Diego Public Market, Kickstarters. See you there!

xoxo Catt & Dale