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We're creating the world's best new public market right here in San Diego and filling it with farmers, chefs, art and food.
1,379 backers pledged $146,121 to help bring this project to life.

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And now it begins...

Posted by Catt White (Creator)

We did it, Kickstarters! 

You did it! You pledged more than $146,000 - 58% over our original goal - to help refurbish the Food Hall at the San Diego Public Market and get started on the Market Kitchen. 

Our campaign is now closed, and Kickstarter will soon be providing us with reports so we can contact you for the information we need to deliver your rewards. Keep an eye out for emails through this system the early part of next week and respond as soon as you can. We'll still be able to update you via Kickstarter, until we get the info to send you weekly e-newsletters.

It has been a wild ride the last 16 days and we're frankly overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement. Now, the real work begins. But first, let's celebrate. Our backer (and local farmer) Tamara perfectly captured the euphoria we're feeling:

"Oh joy of joys!!!....We did it San Diego! Thank you Catt and Dale for being unreasonable in your willingness to dream big dreams........Beyond what is reasonable, comfortable, safe, ordinary........ yeah, thats what we're talking about!!!! Lets roll up our sleeves together, engage the willingness of community and create, create, create! The birth of a legacy, wow! You rock, we rock...thank you!"

No, no, no no... thank each and every one of you! We're doing this together!

In gratitude, Dale & Catt

It's a Sign of the Times

Posted by Catt White (Creator)

Thank you Kickstarters!

It's a good thing we have a really big place for a party. Almost 1,400 of you have donated to create the San Diego Public Market and we're not quite done yet. We have less than three hours to the end of our Kickstarter pledge drive.

By now, you've given enough for a good head start on the Market Kitchen, in addition to preparing the Food Hall to host Wednesday and Sunday farmers' markets and upcoming events.  (Kickstarter Backers party, anyone?) Additional donations his morning will determine how fast the kitchen can be ready to host a food truck pod, vendor commissary space and community cooking classes.

We're grateful to you for the much needed and appreciated funding, whether a dollar or many thousands at a time. (Thank you Roger and Arturo!) We're thrilled that almost 1,400 hearts and minds have voted and campaigned for this project. You've emailed and posted on Facebook and driven past the property and honked or waved while we're patching and scrubbing and giving tours to contractors, chefs and prospective shopkeepers.

Your enthusiasm is a sign that this idea is important and that you're with us: we're not going to wait around anymore for the powers that be to give us a place for a public market like they do in most cities. We're just going to do it ourselves, like a whole flock of Little Red Hens.

Like us, you've got just a few more hours to increase the size of our flock by calling friends, emailing co-workers and telling that guy ahead of you in the coffee line.

So here's another sign. Some of you have asked how to get the campaign sign in our Kickstarter story. Sorry, Melissa created that one in Photoshop. But since so many of you want one, we're heading to the printer and we're making one more offer if you've already cast your vote.

Increase your pledge by at least $10 this morning before our campaign ends (just after 10 am PST today, August 24th) and receive this limited edition yard sign in addition to the reward already chosen.

To increase your pledge: Sign into your Kickstarter account. Click "manage your pledge". Increase the amount (by at least $10) without changing your reward by filling in the additional amount in the grey box at the top of the page. We'll add your sign to your reward account on our end and you can pick it up next month.

You've cast your vote. We'll build it, and you will come. It's time.

With gratitude, Catt & Dale

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Tick, tick, tick

Posted by Catt White (Creator)

Good morning Kickstarters, our 1,260 new best friends!

Just think, 25 hours from now this campaign will be over. We'll have raised as much as we're going to raise for this project on Kickstarter. If it's enough, we'll be able to create the Market Kitchen right after we get the Food Hall ready for the farmers' markets starting in a few weeks. We'll stop posting links on Facebook asking for pledges and we'll continue with the real work of scrubbing, refinishing, painting and paperwork, and the farmers and vendors will arrive.

We took a chance by setting an ambitious goal and a pretty short time frame. Honestly, we know that San Diegans have a lot going on and tend to wait until the last minute to rally. And we're moving fast here. We signed the lease on this wonderful 92,000 square foot site less than 2 months ago, and we're already scheduling markets and events. 

The early days on Kickstarter were incredible and we reached our original goal quickly, because you not only pledged, but you spread the news to all your friends. Newscasters interviewed, reporters published,  and bloggers blogged. We got a new look at the reach of social media and the power of community. 

Now it really is the last minute. If there's someone you haven't emailed to suggest they claim their piece of the San Diego Public Market, do it today. If you've been buying Girl Scout cookies from your co-worker for years, suggest he support your market. Ask the barrista you tip every morning to take a dollar out of the jar and be a part of this thing. 

We have one more day. And then we have decades of food and fun, education and gathering ahead. Thank you for making this happen for all of San Diego. 

Yours, Catt & Dale

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Almost the end, and the beginning!

Posted by Catt White (Creator)

Good morning Kickstarters!

It has been a busy couple of weeks around here, with no end in sight. Except to our Kickstarter campaign, of course. If you've been waiting until the last minute now is the time: we've added new rewards, and our fundraiser ends in just over 72 hours. Then the fun really starts.

In between scrubbing walls, exploring a new idea (and new scary bid) every day for the floors, reading environmental impact reports, chasing permits, and talking to reporters, the most fun we've had lately is checking on Kickstarter.

"Look at the new total!" "Check out who donated!" "Read this message - she has a great idea!" We've exceeded our original goal, and are now harboring wild fantasies about what our final funding number could be, but it's been about so much more than money.

The very number of backers is an incredible validation. Well over a thousand of you have pledged to make it crystal clear how much you want a public market and that number continues to grow. Some donors, and some who haven't donated, have contacted us to offer volunteer work, ideas, professional services, resumes, questions, concerns, 'Atta-Girls, and homemade cookies. 

Everyone who visits the site is enchanted and intrigued by the size, the scope, the size, the possibilities, the ambition and yes, the size of the project. As Lucila says, "I love words, but adding a lot of adjectives would just take away from: it's big." We think its bigness is not just in its size - and trust us, 2+ acres is big - but in the impact that creating this project from the power of community will have. 

In just a few short days, Kickstarter will end, but it's just the beginning for you, us and the  San Diego Public Market. Thanks for being there at the start!

Yours, Catt & Dale

We did it! You did it! Let's keep doing it!

Posted by Catt White (Creator)
We reached our original goal this morning, 9 days after we started this crazy ride. Thank you Peter for pushing us over the mark with your generous donation! 

Now we see how far we can go between now and our campaign's end a week from today. The more we raise the faster we can add new elements to the market. 

 We're on the site right now with farmers,chefs and sandblasters so I'll be back later today with more updates. Just had to say Congratulations! Your San Diego Public Market is ready to grow! 

 We love you guys! Catt & Dale