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We're creating the world's best new public market right here in San Diego and filling it with farmers, chefs, art and food.
1,379 backers pledged $146,121 to help bring this project to life.

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San Diego Public Market Farewell

Posted by Catt White (Creator)

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What About Those Pavers?

Posted by Catt White (Creator)

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Rewards and farmers and chefs, oh my!

Posted by Catt White (Creator)

Dear Kickstarters,

You've probably noticed that we've been zooming ahead on Phase 1: farmers' markets are up and running! And we've been lagging behind too: we promised certain rewards in September, and here it is October already. But, look! T-shirts are printed! We're almost ready to start distributing your goodies. 

Most of you have been incredibly patient as we've found ourselves just a little overwhelmed by the size, scope and speed of the San Diego Public Market project. Hundreds of you have shopped at the markets, found your name on the Kickstarter board, and taken a peek at what's next. Have you visited yet?

Some printed materials are in hand, others are on their way; beehive candles are being molded and chefs are lining up for coming events. We've got the Kickstarter survey format figured out (we think) after the first ones were a bit convoluted. (Sorry, Seedlings!) If you haven't received a survey e-mail yet, watch for it in the next few days. Watch our Facebook page for updates too. 

Meanwhile, join us for farm fresh food, have breakfast or lunch, say hello, and have your picture taken with the cow. We're open 9 am to 2 pm every Wednesday and Sunday at 1735 National Avenue. We're moving ahead each and every day because of you. Thank you Kickstarters, for planting the seed!

All yours, Catt & Dale

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Public Market Surveys and Rewards

Posted by Catt White (Creator)

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Keeping in Touch

Posted by Catt White (Creator)

Good morning Kickstarters!

The campaign is over, but the adventure is well underway. We're still surrounded by a halo of gratitude. And we were missing our morning chats. Were you?

First up: watch your email tomorrow and Wednesday. We'll be sending surveys through the Kickstarter system to all of our backers so we can fulfill your rewards when promised, and provide ways that we can stay in touch outside the Kickstarter world.

Thank you too for all of the offers of volunteer support! The response has been overwhelming, and we're sorting through to identify which of you have time and services available to donate, which are actually looking for employment (we're staffed up for the moment, but always accepting resumes), and which are looking for larger investment opportunities, or have products and services to sell.

For more information on all of the above, and for vendors who want to sell at the weekly markets or hear more about permanent shop space, please email

For true volunteers, we're organizing a system now to get more specific info on what kinds of time and talents are being offered, and to coordinate scheduling and directing individuals and groups to best use those efforts. You may be hearing from Andrea, Jacki or Brijet about that this week.

Meanwhile, we want to keep you informed about weekly market opening dates, the vendors that will be joining us, and how construction progresses. Follow us on Facebook for updates:

Thank you again! Your public market is just around the corner. We can't wait to meet you there!

Yours, Catt & Dale