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In this fast paced world everyone needs to find sanctuary in something-we are searching for the unique ways people find sanctuary

A sanctuary is a room, a building, an open field. It is a feeling, a state of mind, where a person can find sacred solace. Sanctuaries can be anything, anywhere, to anyone. What’s yours? A temple, a treehouse, skateboarding down a hill, or sitting in a chair next to your record player? Sanctuaries are limitless.

This past year we’ve conceived Finding Sanctuary, a project dedicated to creating in-depth portraits of people all around the world in their self-defined sanctuaries. Through photography, film, verbal and written word, we will explore the myriad ways human beings seek peace and solitude in an increasingly global and technologically frantic age.

The project began on the east coast of the United States and will continue around the world, from east to west, finding a myriad of people to share their unique sanctuaries in both cities and villages; From the jungles of Borneo to the Himalayan villages of Nepal to the streets of London. We'll spend time with both natives and expatriates, asking them to show us their spaces or activities that lead them to serenity, autonomy and grace. We'll ask questions of our subjects, enabling them to tell the stories and context of their sanctuaries, as well as have them write a page in a community journal we will be keeping with us on our journey.  We are SO excited!

After we conclude our trek of over 12 different countries, the series of portraits (11x14 and 8x10 inch archival prints for each sanctuary), the journal entries, and a written bio of each individual and their sanctuary will be debuted in the NewBlack Gallery in Somerville, MA, presented to other art galleries for exhibition, AND printed in a limited edition numbered photo book

YOUR support will help us both along our journey and ALSO once we are back home! While traveling your support will help with additional transportation into more remote areas as well as the necessary translating services to communicate effectively with a diverse sampling of people.  Funding will also help to compensate the people and communities who are kind enough to show us their sanctuaries and share their stories. We feel it's very important to give BACK to these communities and economies.  Once back in Boston your support will help to create and curate each Sanctuary story from developing and printing, to framing and marketing of the final collection.

We truly believe in the importance and beauty of everyone's sanctuary and want to share just how varied and unique they can be! A sanctuary can be anything, and we plan on venturing to the ends of the earth to discover these sanctuaries and introduce you to as many of these interesting people as we can!


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