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The first half of the epic misadventures of a bunch of fantasy adventurers! 300+ pages of award-winning webcomic in print.
The first half of the epic misadventures of a bunch of fantasy adventurers! 300+ pages of award-winning webcomic in print.
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One day left + Sticker stretch goals!


With one day left we've hit all the initial stretch goals!! That only leaves one thing...

Unfortunately, I can't include the real thing in anyone's orders since nobody wants a grease-stained book! But if we get to 43k before the end of the campaign, everybody who ordered a physical book will get a POUTINE......... sticker! ;) 

On top of the regular character sticker sets and bookmarks, and fancy covers! 

Thanks again for all the support!!!

(And remember, if you're attempting poutine at home it's important to find the freshest cheese possible, if possible fresh cheese curds, made the same day! Don't put them in the fridge either, if you do that they lose their squeak!!!)

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    1. KickFurn
      on March 28, 2017


      Thank you very much for your answer Nicole, I'm sure it will help ;)

      At the moment where I am I can't really access all those ingredients, but I'm sure to check out once I'm back home =D

      I can't wait hehe

      I'll remember to read Fey Winds at the same time for that 4D experience ;)

    2. Nicole Chartrand Creator on March 16, 2017

      @KickFurn: when I make poutine myself it's pretty simple: I chop up potatoes, toss in olive oil, salt/pepper/chiles and oven roast until crispy. For the gravy I use a roux and beef or veal stock, with chicken broth and a bit of red wine and pepper. (the stock I get already has onion, garlic, carrots, celeri and herbs in it). Once fries are cooked and gravy's nice and hot I put the fries in a bowl, cheese curds on top and ladle in some gravy. Eat vegetables on the side so you don't feel quite as guilty ;)

      BUT! If you are REALLY HARDCORE (or curious about cheese curds), this Serious Eats article is basically the holy grail of poutine (they even make their own cheese, insanity!) Of all the recipes I've seen, this is the one that looks most like the restaurant poutines I've had... restaurant-level workload included!

    3. KickFurn
      on March 16, 2017

      @Nicole although you can't send us the real deal, any chance you could send us your recipe?
      And mayhap a picture of those fresh cheese curds to aid with the quest of finding the closest replacement for those of us who have no access to the real thing ;)
      After you take your deserved celebratory party, after party and after after party rest of course ;)

    4. Nicole Chartrand Creator on March 15, 2017

      @Chimervera - I don't really know, maybe from the places they make the cheese, but maybe it's also just not something that's made outside of the region! Looking at Wikipedia... the closest I can find is Leipäjuusto, which seems to be the same kind of thing as cheese curds but pressed into a circle? Halloumi would probably work well in a poutine too (though I've never tried)... Or little cubes of cheddar I guess, the important thing is to have it sort of melty but not completely disintegrate into the gravy/fries!

      @Timmy - I've heard of environmentally friendly packing peanuts made from corn but never from onion flakes.... :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Timmy Petersson
      on March 15, 2017

      @Chimervera - You're probably right; I tried to look up what it's called in Swedish and no translation page or Wikipedia seemed to have any mention of it in Swedish. That's too bad since the dish really seems awesome.

      @Nicole - "I can't include the real thing in anyone's orders since nobody wants a grease-stained book!"; I remember a while back in a Facebook group for buying/selling retro videogames one of the regulars said he needed a new SNES controller, and another offered to send it to him for free. When it arrived, it turned out that the packing material used by the seller was roasted onion flakes. Good practical joke to brighten up the day I guess. :D

    6. Chimervera on March 14, 2017

      I don't think I've ever actually seen cheese curds in Australia. Everywhere that does poutine here just uses shredded cheese.

      I don't even know anywhere that would sell cheese curds. Maybe speciality delis?