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$60,334 pledged of $80,000 goal
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$60,334 pledged of $80,000 goal

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hiku has left the building


Thanks again to everyone who preordered hiku.

First shipments went out yesterday, so if you were quick on the draw with your preorder, hiku could arrive as early as today!

We expect to be caught up to all preorders by mid next week, and will ship orders out within 1 business day from there.

Enjoy hiku, and let us know about your experience!!


How "Beta" is it?


Hi, a few people have asked about why hiku is still called beta, and wondered whether it is ready for prime time.

We would not ask anyone to pay for hiku unless it were solid and performed like champ. See hands on reviews from CNET or the WSJ for confirmation. Neither reviewer was fully sold on the hiku concept, but that was personal preference, not a function of product performance. This tweet from Rich Brown at CNET sums it all up perfectly (for context, reviewers have to send their unit back to us) ...

Just like you would expect with any reputable consumer electronic, hiku is FCC certified, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty, see the FAQ on the hiku support site.

We are still calling hiku 'beta' primarily to indicate how actively we are taking your input and feedback (we want to hear from you!!), and to signal that new software features and improvements will keep coming. Those will mostly come via the mobile app and cloud service, but since hiku is cloud connected, we will push out new software to the device as well to keep making the experience even better. The typical device update takes about 15 seconds, and requires no action on your part. 

Hope this is helpful, and let us know if you have additional questions.


hiku beta, open to the public!


Hi, as an original backer of hiku on Kickstarter, you are the first to know, and have an opportunity to reserve yours now before anyone else.

We expect devices to start shipping out October 29, coming up soon!! Devices will ship on a first come, first served basis. 

Pre-order now at www.hiku.us.


A few questions I know some of you will be asking, aka FAQ ....

Q: iOS only?!
A: Yes, we know there are lots of you that want an Android app, and we promise we will make one for you too. But not yet. If you want hiku now you need an iPhone with iOS 6 or higher. 

Q: US and Canada only?!
A: Yes, it's true. We so appreciate all the international support and interest in hiku, and want to bring hiku to you too. But US and Canada to start.

Q: I'm a developer, so where's that hiku API?!
A: The API is not exposed publicly yet. Email us at devrel@hiku.us to stay in touch when it becomes available.

beta participants selected

Thanks so much for all the requests to participate in the hiku beta! Wow, what a great response!!

Emails have gone out to everyone selected, so if you did not receive an invite you will need to wait just a bit longer (check those spam folders just in case!).

We can't wait to get everyone a hiku who wants one, and will notify you all when we open the beta to the public.

Thanks again!


a hiku for you

Hey everyone, thanks so much for all the continued interest in hiku. Please pardon our long public silence ... we've been quiet, but far from idle.

hiku is alive and well, and we have some exciting news ... we are opening up a few spots in our private beta to the Kickstarter community!

That's right, we've already built our first run of hiku units and are beta testing them now. You guys have been so supportive, and we would love your hands-on feedback on the product.

Space is quite limited, but if you would like to be considered for this early access, please fill out this brief survey. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hw6_89OiJm7MEszOmHS1uB12AAl2scNqu-fYr1sSRvI/viewform

Kickstarter participants will be selected by June 15, and devices will ship out immediately. 

Even if you are not selected this round, all is not lost. We will open up the beta to the public in the not too distant future, so stay tuned!


Q: How much does the private beta cost?
A: We are making it free to the Kickstarter community on a limited basis. When we open the beta to the public, we will charge a one-time fee to participate and receive a device.

Q: What is included in the private beta?
A: A hiku device and hiku iPhone app. We will talk about Android plans closer to the public beta.

Q: Can I access the hiku API in the private beta?
A: Not yet. The private beta is meant to dial in the experience of simplifying shopping. API access for third party developers will follow.