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Simply replace your front bike wheel with the UrbanX Electric E-Bike Wheel to instantly receive a 30 mile range with a 20mph top speed.
Simply replace your front bike wheel with the UrbaNext Electric E-Bike Wheel to instantly receive a 30 mile range with a 20mph top speed.
Simply replace your front bike wheel with the UrbaNext Electric E-Bike Wheel to instantly receive a 30 mile range with a 20mph top speed.
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Battery Colors, Free Upgrades & Winners

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Thank you for all your support to date! We wanted to pass along a quick update to announce a few free upgrades we will be unlocking for our Kickstarter campaign. We’d also like to notify everyone who participated in the prelaunch influencer program of our winners, and to share a few recent press features on UrbanX. Please remember to share our campaign with your family and friends, so they can join us in producing the easiest and most affordable E-bike solution on the market.




We've noted a few questions regarding our available battery colors. We’ve decided to make our battery available in both the Blue you see on the page, and in Matte Black. Our spokes will be available in Black and Silver. We will send you a survey for what color spokes and battery you would like in advance of delivery. Stay tuned for images of the different options.  





We’ve equipped our battery with a convenient USB charging port to let you charge all your devices. You can plug in while the battery is still on your bike, or take it with you to act as a high capacity power bank. The battery will charge an iPhone 7 from empty to full up to 17 times!  





Our Smartphone mount, free with all UrbanX purchases, is a great way to view your maps and ride data, use navigation, or use the UrbanX app to change your speed settings. It also has a USB port to keep your smartphone fully charged.




For all of those who requested our launch invitation to the UrbanX Kickstarter Campaign on ComingSoon-Tech & participated in the Influencer Program, we are proud to announce the winners above!  

We will reach out to the winners by email. Thank you to everybody who participated!




Check out a few recent articles featuring the UrbanX Electric Wheel:


Digital Trends has written up UrbanX twice. They loved the fact that “UrbanX lets you own an electric bike without compromising on design,” and said “No electric bike? No problem.”  

Click here to read the first Digital Trends article  

Click here to read the second Digital Trends article



CNET interviewed our founder, Eric Chow, and put together a great writeup on the UrbanX. They loved the affordability of the UrbanX, and said “Instead of spending a whole chunk of change on a new electric bike, why not convert your current boring non-powered one for cheap?”

Click here to read CNET’s article



The writers at designboom place a high value on aesthetics, and they love that UrbanX lets you keep your own bike that you love. They note that while “ebikes and smart bikes can compromise aesthetic for better functionality, the urbanX combines both into a device that adds just 15 LB of extra weight onto your bike.”

Click here to read designboom’s article



GrindTV took note of the UrbanX campaign, impressed with our ease of install, excellent aesthetics and low price.

Click here to read GrindTV’s article

Thanks again from Eric, Aberdeen & the entire UrbanX team - If you have any ideas, comments, and/or questions, feel free to leave us a comment on Kickstarter here.

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