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THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING! follows a band of Muslim-American comedians on a standup tour across the US. You will laugh at these Muzzies!
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Posted by Negin (Creator)
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Dearest Kickstarter Folk!

We did it! We managed to finish the film and actually pay for the editing and the drives and the animation.... and no checks bounced! ...and we didn't have to resort to stealing anything! AND as a result we're not in prison! So basically, you're support of this film kept us out of prison. Thank you thank you thank you!

We are in the throes of putting together the first of your rewards so stay tuned for all of that. Rewards that actually involve receiving the movie will still take a bit of time on account of the strange commercial forces we gots to deal with, but we'll keep you posted.

As for the WORLD PREMIERE, that will be at the Austin Film Festival on Oct. 19 with a second screening on Oct. 21. We're so thrilled, nervous, worried, excited, and nervous again! But we really want you to come - if you're within any kind of reasonable (or unreasonable) distance from Austin, TX, please come and join us! You can buy tickets at the door and if you would you like to buy group tickets in advance, we, the filmmakers, can arrange that for you through some special magic so hit us up on the old timey email. But for the rest of you, if you're a badge holder, well you can just walk right on in, if you're not, you can get individual tickets at the door for the cut-rate price of $9 - you get a bunchload of adorable Muslims for that price. It can't be beat! Tell your friends!

Oct. 19 World Premiere Details:
Oct. 21 Additional Screening Details:

AND THERE'S A SHOW! That's right, the night before the premiere Negin Farsad & Dean Obeidallah are gonna do some standup at The New Movement Theatre. You'll get all nice and warmed up for the movie - don't miss the chance to see our faces up close and personal. Please note: Hugs will be doled out liberally post show.

Oct. 18 Live Standup Show Details:

Thank you thank you for all your support in the making of this movie. You've had our backs, and because of that, we've been able finish this thing. You're the best. We heart you a whole bunch.

Negin & Dean

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    1. Shean Mohammed

      Cool!!!! so we should rceiving awards in January?

    2. Negin 3-time creator on

      hey! folks - we'll be able to start sending rewards up to $35 soon - the rest of the rewards will have to wait until the distribution powers that be give us the go ahead! thank you!

    3. Leila Chatti on

      Hi! Just wondering if some of the rewards went out yet. :) I did not receive the "Nerdcore" DVD yet and wanted to make sure I didn't miss it somehow! :(

    4. Negin 3-time creator on

      Folks! the festival went sooooo well - we got rave reviews, sold out houses, standing ovations, and totally won the Audience Award! We're so pleased!!!

    5. eatpaste on

      how did the austin film festival go??

    6. Missing avatar

      Mary Blennerhassett on

      Congrats and break a leg to Dean and Negin. I live in Panama or I would be there! I love you on CNN, Dean !!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Heba Macksoud on

      Congratulations!!! Can't wait for the sequel :)

    8. Marco Landi on

      Love the poster !