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THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING! follows a band of Muslim-American comedians on a standup tour across the US. You will laugh at these Muzzies!
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Posted by Negin (Creator)
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This is nuts and insane but we not only A) met our kickstarter goal (see mom, I TOLD you crowd-funding was a thing) but B) we started to EXCEED our kickstarter goal! WHAT? HOW? WHO? INSANITY!

Normally, we're dumb comedians who think about immediate goals, like finishing the movie, and what kind of bagel to get at lunch. But this time, we thought, let's be smart about this and spend the rest of our kickstarter campaign fundraising for the distribution and outreach of the film. Oh yeah, what they don't tell you when you go into filmmaking is that you always need more money, even when the movie is done, you need more money.

Here's what we propose - a series of markers that will fund various distribution and outreach expenditures:

-With an additional 3g's we can buy 2 HDCam prints of the movie

-For an additional 6g's we can afford to edit and underscore a bunch of online conten (we have our sites set on putting out 12 videos for free, fun, and fascinating viewing pleasure!)

-For an additional 8g's we can afford to hire a publicist for the film's premiere

-For an additional 10g's we can afford to pay for posters, postcards, business cards, ads, and all the stuff that goes into launching a movie! 

Right now we have a little over $43,00 and we have 4 days left to go and all we ask is, would you mind posting the kickstarter page to your Facebook or Twitter? To your Tumblr or InterNations? To your Pinterest or Friendster account? Kidding! Friendster... ah... remember that?

At any rate, you get what we're putting down here. If you can help us out by digitally shouting your faces off, that would be awesome. But to be clear, what you've helped us achieve up to this point is already too much and beyond believable. Let's just say, there was a teary moment in the office when we reached our goal. Even the intern shed a little tear and she's, you know, an intern.

The support has been overwhelming so from the bottom of our hearts, we give you a big fat Muslim THANK YOU. And when we see your pretty faces in person, that thank you is gonna turn into a hug. A long and bordering-on-inappropriate hug. You are all amazing. Incredibly amazing.


Negin & Dean

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    1. Sarah Pesto on


    2. Negin 3-time creator on

      HA! The intern is alive... for now. Actually, her life, and the office in general lightened up A LOT since we reached the goal. Shit was a little tense up in here before that. We bought her a Snickers in appreciation of all her hard work. She seemed really happy about that.

    3. eatpaste on

      wohoo! but, one question, how is the intern?! i'm suspicious since she wasn't at the end of the video. maybe just a photograph of her not being too tortured or too scared...

    4. Negin 3-time creator on

      Thanks! Its going to have such a HUGE impact on us finishing this film - its unbelievable!

    5. Sharif Aboulnaga & Rudy Gharib on

      Congratulations on hitting your goal! We're looking forward to seeing the end result. Good stuff!