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THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING! follows a band of Muslim-American comedians on a standup tour across the US. You will laugh at these Muzzies!
THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING! follows a band of Muslim-American comedians on a standup tour across the US. You will laugh at these Muzzies!
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    1. eatpaste on

      for anyone checking in, i got my dvds today. i think they said on twitter that they're still working out digital distribution for us backers.

    2. Missing avatar

      forzaq8 on

      Congrats on getting on Itune and Amazon

      So When we are going to get the Digital Copy ?

    3. Negin 3-time creator on

      So sorry for the delay Alexandra - we definitely haven't forgotten about our awesome awesome kickstarter supporters. Our main issue in getting out rewards is that we can't send out the copies of the Muslims Are Coming! DVD until the film is commercially released. Our original hope was that it would be released around now. BUT distributors and commercial forces - forces that frankly have way way way more power than we do - want is to come out later in the year (they're telling us Sept but its not locked in yet). So! We've been waiting on a locked in date to make an announcement and start sending out ewards. That said, the Amazing Human Beings List is up on our website so at least that level of support has been taken care of. And very soon, we'll be able to announce the announcements and give an exact date for all rewards. We're very very sorry for any inconvenience in this delay and we can only blame THE FILM INDUSTRY for being so damn slow! and for making it so hard for us to do this in a more timely fashion. Thank you so much for the support and we are gonna make this happen! For sure!

    4. Missing avatar

      Bethany on

      Is nerdcore rising forthcoming? It's been over half a year since the due date for it. Do you have an ETA? It'd just be nice to know how things are coming along.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bethany on

      Is there an update coming? Have you sent out the July awards yet?

    6. Negin 3-time creator on

      Things are coming along! we'll be putting out an update in the new year!

    7. Chris Higgins on

      Hey Negin - how're things going with the film?

    8. Negin 3-time creator on

      Hey!! We're about ready to announce something very soon! We're very excited : )

    9. JEDII on

      How's the production going?

    10. Jake Denney on

      Hell yeah! Congratulations on your funding endeavours guys! I look forward to seeing this in all its Islamic glory! =D

    11. Marco Landi on

      And now , please , go entertain us !!!!!!!!

    12. Khurram Ansari Mehtabdin on

      Awesome project! I can't wait to see this :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Victoria Salbi on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    14. Missing avatar

      Victoria Salbi on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    15. Laird Popkin

      I love what you're doing, and backed at the $37 level, based on your note that level is not just stream but also "includes getting your name in the movie, on the website, and getting a copy of Negin's last film "Nerdcore Rising." The description of the $37 level only mentions the streaming, so I'd suggest that you add the other stuff to encourage more pledges.

    16. Reem Al-Harmi on

      Great Job guys! Wish you all the best!

    17. Negin 3-time creator on

      Thanks to Mohammad & Morgan for recently upping their pledge!

    18. Mohammed Khader on

      just upped my pledge! you guys rock!!

    19. Douglas Hummel-Price on

      Best of luck! Heard about you guys through Stand Up with Pete Dominick (and Pete sharing the link on facebook) !

    20. Missing avatar

      Bethany on

      EEEE You made it you made it you made it! I'm so happy for you guys!

    21. Jennifer Ward on

      Hooray! I'm so glad this project made its goal! It's clear that this will be a wonderful movie, but I also hope it opens the minds of people who don't understand (or are afraid to understand) people who are different from them. Humor is the perfect way to do it. I can't wait to get my DVD!

    22. Marco Landi on

      @ Negin. You're absolutely right !

    23. Negin 3-time creator on

      $40,222! isn't this nuts?!

    24. Missing avatar

      Richard Schaugaard on

      Huzzah! $40,222 and counting!

    25. Marco Landi on

      @ Joe Vitale. You're absolutely right !

    26. Missing avatar

      F Riyaz on

      Omg, someone pledged $10,000! I hope that wasn't a mistake, that makes me so happy to see!

    27. Missing avatar

      Taghi Amirani on

      Love what you're doing. Good luck.

    28. Missing avatar

      Joe Vitale on

      I have upped my pledge (and think your reward levels are fine; isn't the "pledging" part its own reward?).

    29. Negin 3-time creator on

      Garrett - thanks so much for your comments. They are totally helpful! Hopefully when the movie is out we can follow more of a Louis CK model or whatever your basic "keep things cheap" model that's out there. But right now, it probably makes more sense to compare our fundraising campaign, not with the commercial sales of other films/specials, but with other fundraising campaigns. Like NPR or Unicef or whoever might offer a tote bag if you donate $50 or whatever. Tote bags are probably much cheaper but its really about donating to the organization. But we definitely hear you and whether you can back this project or not, we're grateful that you've watched the trailer and care enough to help us make this work! Thank you!

    30. Garrett Heaton on

      That's even worse... $50 for a DVD?! That's commercial price! Why would I be interested in backing a project with unknown quality when I'm paying commercial price (or likely more) for a product I could get later at more likely a better price?

      I'm not super familiar with how kickstarter historic rewards packages have been but I will honestly say that I feel like these prices are a rip off... and I'm likely not alone.

      You have a fantastic concept here with an amazing purpose but when I saw your rewards I was TOTALLY turned off. Look at how Louis C.K. was so successful... He priced his digital download at a price reasonable to it's cost to reproduce ($0). Customer knew they were handing over $5 in profit but they were ok with it. They also knew that all the middle men were cut out and because of that the prices were significantly lower than what they would normally have to pay ($15 for a dvd?).

      Learn from his lessons. What's your cost to reproduce your product? Add a resonable profit ($5-$15) and that should be your price. If your DVD's cost $8 to make price them at $13-$23. For digital copies, it should be less. Offer incentives that aren't available. Look up Mike Masnicks CWF+RtB concept (Connect with Fans + Reason to Buy). Scarcity in media is no longer a reality which is why the "industry" suffers so much piracy. People are unwilling to pay historic prices for goods which they easily recognize as overpriced.

      Offer an unsigned DVD at a lower price point than the signed one. Your signature is worth money and is something that truly is scarce. Offer some of your working papers perhaps? Or for a premium price offer a RAW footage behind the scenes offering. Something different and unique.

      I'll stop my blathering now but I hope this might be useful (and hopefully not annoying). I truly hope you succeed and I'll look for your product as soon as getting it is reasonable.

      Best of luck.

    31. Negin 3-time creator on

      Hey folks! Thanks to everyone for posting comments. We've definitely been taking your suggestions into consideration and are actually so happy that you care enough to comment a and make suggestions! The rewards points on these things are hard to figure out. And we're trying to look at other films to see what the precedent is. Of course, a DVD for $50 is actually more expensive than what you would pay for a DVD, but from our research its not that much higher than what you find in fundraising rewards. Same goes for download/streaming of the film. But we'll still be rejiggering as the kickstarter continues and we're gonna try our darndest to make it all make sense and to keep our backers happy. You all totally rule - thank you for the feedback and support. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

    32. AO on

      Garrett, the $35 prize is for a different movie. By pledging $35 you do NOT receive The Muslims Are Coming. At the $37 range is when you get to stream The Muslims are Coming and at the $50 range is when you get the physical copy of the movie. The streaming option is $13 cheaper than the movie.

    33. Garrett Heaton on

      Meant "NOT limited..."

    34. Garrett Heaton on

      Negin, Dean and Megan... I feel for you but you've gone backwards in offering awards.

      Who would want a more limited release (streaming option) when a DVD version is cheaper? If you want to succeed you need to offer a REASONABLY cheaper ($5-$15 range) DRM free donload version.

      I hope that you are limited from doing this by some licensing monster... But I can assure you that a lower priced version will capture more income. Economics and optimal pricing.

      PLEASE consider this... With 21 days to go I encourage you to work this sooner rather than later. Good luck and hope you succeed!

      A hopeful backer

    35. Jake Denney on

      I've boosted my pledge! Hope you guys make this happen.

    36. AO on

      This looks awesome and hilarious, looking forward to it!

    37. Muneera Mak on

      It's been a few days since you've crossed the 50% mark but there's still more to get till it's funded. Why not include more rewards to attract new and returning backers? Another $17K is not easy to get without a push from you guys. Maybe some updates will help too! All the best.

    38. Amir on

      Immensely gratifying project. Oops.. this is not correct English? hmm... Well, when we Muslims from Pakistan are "forced" by our egoistical parents to learn three languages at the age of 2 i.e. English, Urdu and Punjabi, you can imagine our love/hate relationship with this language and the people from England who migrated to America and claimed it as USA from poor natives. Btw, what was the real Indian name of USA long before a Muslim ship captain guided Mr.Columbus? :) 4 thumbs up... two hands, the other two, guess whose? ;)

    39. Mel DuPont on

      Go, funny Muslims! :D

    40. Missing avatar

      Henning on

      Guys? Would you consider adding another reward level with just a digital download of the movie? I would love to up my pledge and get the film, without going the full 50$-Option.

    41. Leila Chatti on

      So excited to back this project! Much love from one Muslim to another. :) You guys are doing a really good thing.

    42. Kiran Arain on

      Well, it's about time Muslims!! Love the concept of the film, and from the trailer it's obvious that you guys have the goods. I wish I could see the show live, but supporting you seems like the next best thing. Just keep the jokes coming, and we'll keep laughing at you!

    43. Nicole Rustad on

      Melissa - you made me lol - so glad to have pledged my money towards this project - nothing like laughter to break down barriers!

    44. Melissa Hastings on

      I was tempted to give more to have you make a joke about my favorite band, but then somebody would rush them on stage probably and mess up Nick's make-up. I have said that Muslims are in danger of being in camps like the Japanese/German were put in WWII if we don't wake and smell the prejudice coffee we have in America. Hatred comes from fear, fear of the unknown...and the more Allah sends us Christians fuzzy and wuvable wittle Muslims like you, the more angry rednecks that attack Muslims will lose their power. There, I've said it. NOW GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY!

    45. Sharif Aboulnaga & Rudy Gharib on

      Hope you guys get all the backing you need. I saw the trailer at Kahlil Gibran Awards and think what you're doing is a great thing. Keep up the awesome work guys!

    46. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Apollon on

      Wish I could give more--looks like a fantastic film and hysterically funny. It takes a lot of courage, dedication and character to make a documentary like this--congrats to you all on creating a piece that will make a difference and entertain all at the same time.

    47. Missing avatar

      Bethany on

      Wish I had more money to give, good on you guys for telling your jokes, your story and breaking down hate.

    48. Rehman Akhtar on

      Greetings from Saudi Arabia! One can either complain about an issue or become part of the solution - Congratulations Negin, Dean and the rest of the team on making the better, braver (and more difficult) choice!

      Keep up the GREAT work (I'm really looking forward to meeting Mr Mandvi!) :)

    49. Muneera Mak on

      Glad to be backing this project. So, what's the tshirt gonna look like? :D