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Hackerspace: a collaborative nonprofit tool shop that brings artists & makers together. We've grown so quickly that we're out of room!

Third Stretch Goal surpassed! Can we make it to $6500?

We now have the funds to get a snazzy new SawStop! There's about 3 hours left in the campaign. Can we make it to $6500? Why not?

$6500 is our new (final???) Kickstarter goal!

Stretch Goal reached! Third Stretch Goal announced

Hooray! We crossed the threshold for the compressed air unit. For Goal #3, we are asking for a SawStop. A SawStop is a powertool with some 21st century technology mixed in. Under normal working conditions, the SawStop works like a normal tablesaw. But upon the detection of even the slightest contact with a finger or thumb the saw is instantly stopped and retracted back into the table. It's amazing to watch

SawStops go for about $1500.  So with 5 days remaining in our campaign we are raising the bar to a total of $6000. That's twice our initial goal! We think we can make it of we continue to get the word out. Thanks once again to all of your who've helped so far.

There you have it. Our new Goal is to reach $6000 in 5 days!

Second Stretch Goal announced

Well that was fast! We reached our new deadline in a matter of hours. We also just got our first $500 donation to immortalize our donor with a personalized plaque. Thank you!

We want to continue our success with a second Stretch Goal. We talked it over and decided on a centralized compressed air system to run pneumatic tools like nail guns and air drills. 

It would be a good investment because air tools are reasonably cheap and powerful and it will reduce/centralize the electrical demand. 

We think a decent air system would run about $700. So with that, we announce that our new goal is for $4500! Thanks to everyone for all your help thus far.

We did it! We reached our $3000 goal!

Thank you to everyone who donated or reached out to friends and family to get us heard.

Now we want to continue the momentum with a Stretch Goal. If we can make another $700 we will upgrade the dust collection system we use for some of our dirtier power tools. These dust collectors do a fine job of keeping things clean and reducing dust and debris. $700 will purchase a decent centralized system as well as the duct work to connect it to our various table saws and other equipment.

So that's it. The gauntlet has been thrown. $3700 is our new goal!

Xerocraft is Tucson's Hackerspace.

Wikipedia describes a hackerspace as “a community-operated physical space where people with common interests, often in computers, technology, science, digital art or electronic art, can meet, socialize and/or collaborate. Hackerspaces can be viewed as open community labs incorporating elements of machine shops, workshops and/or studios where hackers can come together to share resources and knowledge to build and make things.” That's us.

Some of our rewards for your generosity.
Some of our rewards for your generosity.

Xerocraft is a resource for the city of Tucson. We provide tools and equipment for welding, 3D printing, metalcasting, woodworking, soldering, milling, lathing, laser cutting/etching and more. We make anything and everything from soft crafts to robots. Our members offer decades worth of wisdom and skill that they give for free to anyone who walks in. Xerocraft is the place to tinker, make, build, craft, destroy, repair, wonder, invent, reuse, fabricate, share, explore, create works of art and have fun. You can see what we're up to on our website, or on our Facebook page. Our Flickr page showcases what we're working on right now. We will also be the main venue for Tucson's first annual Maker Faire.

Xerocraft was founded in 2011 as a club by a small group of passionate hackers and makers. In January 2012 we incorporated and in May we became a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit. Over the last two years we've grown to the point that our current space is overflowing with equipment and projects. It's getting hard to move around. On Saturdays there are dozens of people crammed into a building of less than 1000 square feet.

We set out to find a larger space to move into and were very lucky to find an abandoned furniture warehouse a short distance north of our current location. The place is over four times the size of where we are now. It's a dream come true... almost.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The building is over 100 years old and needs extensive renovation. There are no working bathrooms and all the sewer and plumbing lines must be replaced. Most of the electrical wiring was stripped by copper thieves. The new wiring we install must meet the high standards of a hackerspace with many high-power tools. Some walls need to be torn down and others put up.

On top of all that, Xerocraft is taking part in a community effort to put on Tucson's first Maker Faire this November. Our new space will be the hub of the event. But we are unable to move in until we can get our Certificate of Occupancy from the city. The CO means that the building meets the proper safety requirements. Along with the renovations are the various fees and permits that must be paid along the way.

But we are not frightened by the challenge. Being a hackerspace, we have many talented people who do the work that is required in the building as day jobs and the tools needed to get things done. We are doing most of the work ourselves, turning wiring, plumbing and drywall work into educational workshops.


  • Yes. Just bring the card with you and we will activate it upon your first visit. There is no expiration date on un-activated cards.

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  • It depends. Though our goal at the new space is to become a 24/7 operation, we're not sure how quickly after the move we'll be able to get to that point. Dedicated members (e.g. those who show up often or participate in Steering Committee Meetings) are granted keys. But you can understand the conundrum we face with giving out keys to the front door on a temporary basis to people we may not know (though you putting down $100 does help your case).

    Membership cards grant you other privileges that paying members get like free admission to workshops as well as other privileges we'll add later, like login access to our private server.

    Basically, we'll do everything we can to accommodate you and make your generous donation worth your while.

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  • Absolutely. Just give us the name of the person you want to give it to before we ship it. Only one card per person, please.

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  • Here is an incomplete list of the machinery and rooms that are up for grabs. NOTES: The list will be updated over time. Donors will be given their opportunity to choose from the list based on the order in which they donated.

    Front Desk (Administration Area)
    3D Printer Area
    Computer Area
    Soldering & Electronics Area
    Gift Shop
    Entertainment Area
    Soft Crafts Area
    Kids' Area
    Woodworking Area
    Metalworking & Welding Area
    Scrap & Parts Area
    Storage Lockers

    Ultimaker 3D printer
    MakerBot 3D printer
    Portable 3D printer
    Epilog laser cutter
    Drill press
    TIG welder
    Rockwell band saw
    Pneumatic shop press
    Jet wood lathe
    Table saw
    Lobo metal mill
    Logan metal lathe
    Bridgeport mill
    Clamp vise
    Dremel scroll saw
    12 inch band saw
    Disc sander
    6 inch tool grinder
    5 inch bench grinder
    Compressed air cannister
    Hitachi planar
    Rockwell jointer
    Craftsman shop vac
    Craftsman weed eater
    Sewing machine
    Private web server
    Battery backup
    Electrical subpanel

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    A laser-etched drinking glass! Emblazed with our logo, this glass is perfect for consuming vital fluids or holding hazardous chemicals when you can't find anything else to put it in... or both. We'll also send you a 3D printed keychain.

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    One of our metalcasted rings! Cast in copper or aluminum right in our back yard! You'll also receive a T-shirt, keychain, bracelet and a sticker.

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    A Xerocraft doubloon cast with a half ounce of Sterling Silver! Made by our blacksmiths in our own back yard. You'll also get a keychain, a bracelet, two stickers and two laser-etched drinking glasses.

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    Your name will be added to a plaque of campaign donors. This plaque will be hung proudly near our front entrance.

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    Immortalization in Xerocraft lore! One of our rooms or a piece of equipment (your choice from a list of what's available, check the FAQ) will be named after you or a loved one. The name will be engraved on an individualized plaque and displayed in the room or on the machine.

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