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AU$ 110 pledged of AU$ 1,000 goal



While my name is Byron, I do write under the pen name 'James Sanderson'. To date I have written and published three books: These can be found at . I was just about finished with my fourth book when a creative idea popped into my head: Why not do a picture book for early primary school children.  

Currently , detective books are in trend at the moment and so I put some nights aside after work and created an effective manuscript that retells the story of 'Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles'. What makes this picture book more appealing to younger readers is the witty rhymes and easy tongue twisters that accompany the story. The picture book is only 35 pages but there is a very detailed illustration on each page. 

Even if you have never read a Sherlock Holmes book, you will be drawn in to the wittiness of the words used to tell the story. I have used many of the old characters from the series including Dr Watson, Mrs Watson and the 'frenemy' Constable Lestrade. Also hidden in the rhymes are puns that the adults can laugh at while the children will question what was so funny. See below for an example.

"Elementary!" Laughed Watson will a bursting bubble.

"Logical." Corrected Holmes. "We don't want to cause copyright trouble."

The illustration accompanying this line (above) shows Sherlock showing Watson a copyright scroll with 'Arthur Conan Doyle' written at the top. Now, you may be thinking that there is some truth to this and that no one can write a Sherlock Novel without permission but the truth is that Sherlock Holmes is now in the public domain. Anyone can write a novel and use the characters however they wish. 

In summary, if you look at my work on my website, you will be able to get an understanding about who I am and how dedicated I am to my work.

Thanks for your time


Risks and challenges

The manuscript has been completed and I have paid for a professional editor ( in the USA to go over the small print (ie check the grammar).

The illustrator has already begun doing the pictures. This is the third time I have used her for my projects and I can safely tell you that she is brilliant at her job.

In terms of risks, there are none as I have just enough money to pay for the project IF I was to drag the project out to 18 months.

The illustrator can finish the work by August in high quality if I can continue to pay her in July/August (which is why I would love to have some assistance from you).

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