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A performance installation in sound, movement and visual imagery of the labor movement that sprang from the industrial revolution.

A contemporary techno-opera : 3 Singers

An immersive sound and performance installation.

3 Singers will explore the world of female laborers from three different time periods, taking three female vocalists on a journey that melds symbols, sights, and sounds, from three distinct periods in labor history: pre-civil war, industrial revolution, and technological present day.

Singer sewing machines from three eras will be transformed into musical instruments, played by the performers. Inspiration for stage movement and settings will be derived from patterns in nature, textiles, folk dances from the cultures of immigrant workers, organic movements of laborers and industrial-mechanical labor actions, and neural network patterns.

The sewing machines will also control sampled sound and video. An alternate sound score created through cell phone technology will reflect the sonic landscape of the modern technological world. Smart phone apps will also be used to control the overall sonic and visual environment of the installation.

Audience members will be immersed within the performance creating an intimate experience of the performers that evolves into a high-stimulation cacophonous environment of movement, sound and image.

3 Singers marks the second collaboration between composer Ryan Ingebritsen, dance-sculptural artist Erica Mott, video artist John Boesche, and a new venture with experimental vocal performer, Fides Krucker.

The funds we raise through Kickstarter with YOUR GENEROUS HELP will pay for:

- basic fees and travel expenses for artists

- materials for the design of the work:
(technologies, interactive devices, machines, Xbox kinect, Leap technology, antique sewing machines, and more.)

- cost of research and development residencies

Take a look of our previous interactive installation:

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Creating an original performance presents multiple challenges, particularly when artists collaborate across borders. We rely heavily upon virtual communication which has it's foibles, and have to spend more money than a more geographically centralized team to get everyone together in a room. This also compresses live, interactive creative time, putting more pressure on artists to create quickly.

Additional challenges come with tackling a subject matter as vast as female labor and technology. How do we make the conversation current, digestible, and engaging for a broad audience?

Our final challenge is seeking appropriate dialogues that the performance creates, through interactive technologies, social media, and multiple means at cultivating an international dialogue. For this, we have hired an administrative and communications coordinator whose core role is to instigate online dialogue regarding the installation as well as the subject matter it addresses.

Each artist involved in the creative team has had a long collaborative practice with multiple other groups, coming from different cultural backgrounds and artistic mediums. Particularly, John, Erica and Ryan are building upon their collaborative history as a collective.

We have engaged in over six months of research, and are working very closely with a performance dramaturg to ensure that the subject matter can be accurately, and efficiently represented, within the installation.


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