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Man vs. Wild except the man is a wuss and the wild is downtown Sacramento.

Ian Wynton is an imaginative 11-year-old who heard abou the Place Called Sacramento contest from his mother and decided to write his own script spoofing his favorite (and now defunct) TV show "Man vs. Wild."

The hilarious script includes scenes of Cubb (not Bear) marching with the Jr. Eager Beaver Scouts (instead of the Royal Air Force), surviving the frozen food aisle at a supermarket and happening upon angry protesters at the state capitol.

It all calls fora lot of props, locations and costumes. Our Jr. Eager Beaver Scouts (which include Ian in a cameo role) will be outfitted in special T-shirts, hats with beaver tails and even special Jr. Beaver socks!

Cubb himself will be outfitted in a variety of jackets, cargo pants and dozens of man-purses and backpacks because, well, ya gotta be prepared on the mean streets of Sacramento! 

Plus, Cubb likes to eat. There are funny scenes of him eating hotdogs, granola bars and even a shrimp platter.

Our budget is modest, but our producer only makes about three dollars a week doing his chores, so every little bit helps!

We think this funny film will be a great addition to the Place Called Sacramento Film Festival because it shows off the city but pokes fun at the same time!


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