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Ultra thin functional leather wallet: just 0.2" thick! Clever design that makes the DUN wallet able to carry cards, cash and coins.
Ultra thin functional leather wallet: just 0.2" thick! Clever design that makes the DUN wallet able to carry cards, cash and coins.
Ultra thin functional leather wallet: just 0.2" thick! Clever design that makes the DUN wallet able to carry cards, cash and coins.
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    1. Baadier Sydow on

      Just got my wallet today and I am absolutely ecstatic! Its better than I imagined. Thanks for the great effort and well done on quality product.

    2. JJGOW on

      Well, just got my wallet in the post today, and its GORGEOUS. A real Kickstarter class act! :)

    3. RichHeart on

      Truly fabulous wallet. Lovely quality leather, really nicely made. The metal clip is quality.
      I miss having a pocket for an ID card (but I knew that it didn't have one).
      It is indeed everything it promised, everything a KS campaign should be.
      Thank you guys. Oh, and by the way, There was a mix-up and I never got the engraving, but I got refunded without having to ask for it. You guys are quality itself :)

    4. HCH on

      the DUN probably is one of the masterpieces that kickstarter projects should strive for. I was genuinely surprised at the quality and form factor, way better than expectations! the leather felt soft and supple while maintaining its shape, and the interior design rivals a lot of major brands, only the biggest bills need to be folded, and that's like a $100 bill which isn't often, everything else fits nicely. 2 thumbs up, and looking forward to future creations!

    5. JJGOW on

      Dang I still haven't got mine.. Any word on the shipment to Malaysia? >_<

    6. Daniel Deines on

      Really nice piece of craftsmanship, and since my initials are DD, the logo is my monogram!

    7. Jairo José NIño Pérez on

      Just beautiful. Thanks from Colombia!

    8. Christian Blaschette on

      Got mine - great quality, great product, better than expected - 5+ out of 5 stars

    9. Jeremy Morin on

      Got mine today.. All I can say is that I am blown away. It looks and feels AMAZING. I second the sentiment of this is the best wallet I've ever owned.

      I look forward to seeing what you have in store. I really hope to see this wallet go retail soon

    10. Missing avatar

      Christopher Garcia on

      Just got my brown wallet and I must say it's the best wallet I've owned. I've backed a number of wallets on kickstarter the last few years but this one has been the best. Just overall great quality for this project. I look forward to what else you guys have in store. Consider me a loyal customer.

    11. Huang Zi Jia on

      Just got my wallet here in Singapore, it is awesome!!! The quality is excellent and the largest note (50 bucks) fits perfectly!!

      A very happy and satisfied backer here! ^_^

    12. Diana Lim on

      Received my wallet here in Singapore, I'm loving it!!! The quality is impressive and the biggest note ($50) fits in easily too.

      Definitely looking forward to your upcoming products :)

    13. Sjoerd van Dam + DUN™ 4-time creator on

      Thanks guys! @Dan We intent to grow and stay in business a long time. We are considering new products to add to the line, a bit too early to tell yet.. If there is something new coming out, this will be the first place to know. @ttan DUN wallets are manufactured in Europe where there is a rich history of high quality leather works.

    14. Missing avatar

      ttan on

      Was asked, "Where's it made?". Designed in US by a dutch guy - that's all I could say. Was the place of manufacture mentioned in the updates?

      I can feel people eyeing my wallet whenever I use it. Not for the cash amount, obviously, as I was keeping it slim :-)

    15. Missing avatar

      Dan W on

      Got mine today. Couldn't be happier. It's without question the best wallet I've ever owned. Customer for life right here.

      This might sound funny under the circumstances, but I might actually consider moving up to a (slightly) larger wallet in the future if you guys made such a thing available. Maybe if it held six cards comfortably.

    16. Missing avatar

      DT on

      Got mine yesterday =). It's nice. I had more cards then I thought... so using most as 2 cards per pocket hopefully it won't be a problem =/

    17. Jeremy Morin on

      Oh all these good reviews.. Can't wait for mine :( lol

    18. Missing avatar

      ttan on

      Just got it in Singapore. $50s are a tight fit, but I think the wallet should loosen a bit with use.

      Classy piece of handiwork. Thanks.

    19. Missing avatar

      KRIS on

      Recieve mine today. Very nice appearance. Leather on mine is very soft, so I won't be using it as a everyday front pocket jean pants type of wallet.

      Due to the soft leather, my jeans will wear down the wallet fast. So I'm going to use my wallet when I'm all dressed up for a client meeting and stuff in dress pants. The leather is a bit too soft for me, but the style & design of the wallet is most excellent.

    20. Missing avatar

      Anthony on

      Well speaking of the devil, I just received mine in the mail today. Very good craftmanship and minimalistic.

    21. Rostyslav Zvanych on

      Received mine! Very well crafted. Great work and thank you!

    22. Kevin Chen on

      Just received my wallet! I am a backer in Pennsylvania. The packaging is very exquisite and I was more than impressed with the wallet. I especially admire the quality of the leather, much nicer and smoother than my previous wallets. The quality of the material inside of the card slots is also very nice. It is lightweight and smooth and will not damage the cards. Nice product Sjoerd! I have also messaged you.

    23. Missing avatar

      Anthony on

      In Seattle, still haven't received yet. Anyone in Seattle get theirs yet?

    24. Canon wu on

      Just received the wallet in Canada today!, Beautifully done! Thanks!

    25. Missing avatar

      Huang Chiu Huang

      I got mine yesterday in Taiwan. It's a high quality wallet. I like the slim wallet.

    26. Sjoerd van Dam + DUN™ 4-time creator on

      It is great reading your responses guys! @shaun There are no plans for other form factors at the moment, maybe in the future though. The dimensions of the DUN wallet are carefully decided to fit most international notes and still have it as slim as possible to be able to carry comfortably in a front pocket. @Khoa Thanks for the awesome video review! @Steve Good to hear that the Hong Kong bills indeed fit with a push. Bending the note slightly while inserting helps to make it easier I experienced with the folded British 20 pounds note.

      For everyone still waiting for their DUN wallets: I hope they will arrive in your country soon..

    27. Missing avatar

      Steve Cheung on

      Got the wallet in Hong Kong today. The wallet is a little too thin for HK dollar bills but still manageable with a tug-push. Quality is superb. Hopefully it will last a couple of years.

    28. Carol Koh on

      Where are all you backers? Anyone in Singapore? I'm still waiting for mine.

    29. Khoa Phan on

      Received mine and great packaging. Love the extra sealed pouch. So if the mail was rained on, no problem. :) True quality and craftsmanship. THANKS!
      I made a quick overview video comparing it to my previous wallets:

    30. Missing avatar

      Wai Kang on

      Received the wallet, thin and simple. Thank you.

    31. Missing avatar

      Sin on

      It reached Japan safely.
      Thank you for a splendid wallet!

    32. Rich S. on

      Just got mine today - was amazed at the small size and both my wife and I were very impressed with the quality and the appearance. Very well 'DUN' on the wallets! Thanks again!

    33. Andy Quan on

      Got my wallet today and I was emphatic. The packaging is classy and simplistic just like the wallet itself. Took me a second to acquaint myself to the new feel and wonderful quality leather but no doubt a great product. My initials on the inside make it personal and special as well as the space for my necessary cards and bills. 10/10 would buy again & will recommend to all my friends and family

    34. Missing avatar

      Shaun on

      Mine arrived today. Excellent quality and feel. Very happy with it. It is indeed very thin.

      If I had the option I'd opt for a narrower version much closer to the width of credit cards (I know it's that height/width to fit certain currencies in the clip). I tend to fold a couple bills and put them in the money clip as I don't use cash that often, and prefer not touching it every time I open my wallet.
      I carry keys in one pocket and wallet + mobile in the other. Phones aspect ratios are typically narrower and longer - quite nice when these two items almost same width/height. But maybe in a couple years we won't need wallets - mobile phones with NFC...

      Anyway thanks again, very happy to have backed this project, will definitely be recommending DUN to others.

    35. Missing avatar

      Terence Klein Jr. on

      Just got mine. Awesome design and the brown color is perfect - very dark, almost black! When filled with cards and bills it does not close flat, but I'm assuming it just needs to be broken in.

    36. Timmy Oh on

      Flawless design and construction. Thank you!
      Will definitely be telling friends and family about this product.
      (I also sent an email regarding a specific question I have.)

    37. Missing avatar

      Alicia Sellon on

      I got mine today. I love it!! Thank you!

    38. Missing avatar

      Robert D. Webb on

      Just got my DUN in the mail moments ago.... Immediately impressed. Truly a well put together campaign and product.
      It's really quite beautiful.

    39. Lincoln Chung on

      I love the wallet. Excellent Quality.

    40. Sjoerd van Dam + DUN™ 4-time creator on

      @Marius @Bob Thanks guys for your nice comments!

    41. Bob Spikman on

      Damn Sjoerd, the wallet looks and feels great. After seeing "the Belll" on Kickstarter as Dutch design, I was afraid for a moment we ruined our dutch design image. You totally got us to recover :P

    42. Marius Lurvink on

      Very nice wallet and of tremendously quality!

    43. Sjoerd van Dam + DUN™ 4-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for your great responses! We really appreciate that you're noticing the quality and finish of your DUN wallets. @Gunnar Thanks for letting us know about the glued card slots. We hand checked each wallet and opened the card slots where necesarry. We might have missed a few, sorry about that. They can indeed be opened slowly with a credit card. You are all great backers!

    44. Missing avatar

      Gunnar Leifson on

      Mine was in the mail today. Soft leather, nice seam (without ends looking out) and an overall nice product. Only "complain" would be, mine had some leftover glue on the card slots. After putting in a card everything worked fine.

      I don't regret to have it backed. Thx to all at the DUN team and friends.

    45. Missing avatar

      Stefan P. on

      Quality is extraordinary. Very happy with it. Thanks Sjoerd and team!

    46. Rich on

      Just got mine, the quality surpassed all my hopes, well done guys!

    47. Filippo Casali on

      Great wallet! Absolutely amazing! Great job Sjoer&Co! All the best for your future success.

    48. Graham Kinsella on

      Wallet arrived very happy great job guys have had numerous comments already!

    49. Graham Kinsella on

      Wallet arrived very happy great job guys have had numerous comments already!

    50. Floris Drapers on

      Amazing! Nice quality leather and very precise finishing. Very pleased with the wallet. Cannot wait to start using it in my daily life. Thanks!

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