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xoxosms: a documentary about love in the 21st century's video poster

xoxosms is a documentary about first love, long distance and Skype. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on March 16, 2011.

xoxosms is a documentary about first love, long distance and Skype.

Brooklyn, NY Documentary
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xoxosms: an Internet-born love affair

"These days, the stories we hear about kidz and the technology are often cautionary tales: strangers! sexting! But xoxosms — wants to tell a different, more salutary tale:  about  (young) people forging relationships that may start as virtual, but are very, very real." - Breakup Girl

We totally agree.

We are 80% funded and 6 days away from meeting our goal! We need you! Help us complete a unique story about Love 2.0 and digital intimacy.

Since our launch on Valentine's Day xoxosms has received press coverage in,, Breakup Girl, Social Times, Kickstarter Blog and TBD.

In addition to personally curated DJ sets, an opportunity to chat with the director and subject, a champagne evening with NY's famous Bowery Boys, and downloads of the film, there are some great new rewards being offered if you pledge your support now.

Filmmakers: The inimitable Fernanda Rossi, story consultant to Academy Award® Nominated filmmakers is donating a free consultation on your Kickstarter trailer. What you’d normally have to pay hundreds for you’re getting here for just $100. More about her here:

Art Lovers: 12 X 18 glossy or matte original photograph from our graphic designer, Thomas Cabus, who is also a phenomenal photographer! His work has been shown around the globe. Photos can be found:

And... all backers will be invited to our secret Brooklyn party this weekend!

Attached are a few stills from xoxosms. One illustrates "the network" or the communication pathways that connect us, and the other is our subject Jiyun Kim.


Nancy & Isaac

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