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I made a game 3 and a half years ago. it had simple graphics, and I want to remake it using the 20 dollar unreal engine 4!
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So nearly 4 years ago, A few of my friends got together and we decided we are gonna make some video games. The first game we made was when we were all sophmores in highschool. It was called Augapora, and it was a relatively simple concept and we used it to test the waters. (You can play it absolutely free here) Now we have made 3 games using the unity engine, and I would like to try porting this game to the new Unreal Engine 4. Augapora is sort of on acccident, a fantastic example to teach game design to each other and it is easy to make derivatives since there is essentially very little game there. It has all the fundamentals of a game though; A menu, separate levels each with a goal, a character controller with both keyboard and mouse inputs, animations, and sound. My good friend Matthew made a randomly generated spin-off called Augapora Infinite where each level is randomly generated and exponentially larger than the previous level. This is a spin-off I would like to make and title it Augapora Unreal. Since Augapora has a lot of the components of a full game, to really redo it in ue4, I will really have to learn ue4, which is the goal. If Augapora had simple graphics and simple music, Augapora Unreal will have EXTREMELY OVER THE TOP GRAPHICS AND REFLECTIONS but it will still be the exact same levels from Augapora, just redone.

Why unreal engine? Why now? We made a kickstarter previously where our goal amount was how much the software would cost us. a single Unity license is 1500 dollars. (I just bought my first car for around that much.) and the cheapest we could find it (renting it for a minimum of 1 year at 75 bucks a month) was 900 bucks. Ue4 is 20 dollars a month, and if you unsubscribe, you still get to keep your engine version up to the point you stopped subscribing. I have bought one month previously of unreal engine (4.0, now we are on 4.4) and after buying all my college textbooks, I find my pockets to be empty. I would like to update my copy of unreal engine for one more month to 4.4 (possible 4.5) to have improvements and bugfixes in my copy of unreal engine as I hear that it is much more stable.

Risks and challenges

Really no risks or challenges at all. We have had a kickstarter fail terribly before and we still made the game as a fully fledged as we wanted it, on all 3 major OSes and a web build. In terms of development, I cannot 100% guarentee we can do all 3 operating systems (I might need visual basic to compile for windows but my school gives me dreamspark so its good) and linux might be a bit harder than one click porting. The goal is 22 dollars. I just need the software. I don't need you to pay for my salary and living expenses or anything extravagant.

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