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ECHO - A Short Film's video poster

In the future a reclusive old woman finds a helper bot in her deceased husband's study. Their relationship grows and so does she. Read more

Savannah, GA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on June 1, 2011.

In the future a reclusive old woman finds a helper bot in her deceased husband's study. Their relationship grows and so does she.

Savannah, GA Shorts
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Stifling loneliness one circuit at a time.

This short film, “Echo,” is Jacob Menache’s senior film in his final year at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Although comedy is one of Jacob’s strong suites, “Echo” is sci-fi drama. The film takes place in the not-too distant future where Lydia, a woman in her mid-70s, lives alone. Since the death of her husband, Lydia’s grief has kept her from any technological change or updates from the outside world. She discovers a helper-bot in her dead husband's study. A helper-bot named Echo. Lydia is skeptical to this new and unwanted technology but over time, she comes to accept this robot as a companion that will stifle the pain of living alone.

We are excited about the project, and hope you are too. Any donation would help. If you don’t know how Kickstarter works, if we don’t meet, or exceed, our goal of $5000, we don’t get any of the money. So any contribution you make in helping that little green bar max out is genuinely appreciated.

What your money will help us with:
  • Building the robot - We have a team of industrial designers building a suit for our actor to wear for the character of Echo. The better the materials, the more realistic our robot suit will look.
  • Professional actor - Our lead, is an experienced professional actress and she will be on set for most of the film.
  • Renting lenses - We need to rent lenses for precision, sharpness and the best quality that we can get out of our camera.
  • Feeding the crew - Our crew works for free because they are students like us, but they still need to eat. Food is pivotal in keeping the cast and crew, of about 25 people,  upbeat and focused to make the film go as smoothly as possible.
  • Renting a location - Our primary location will be a single story ranch style house that we will rent a couple weeks early to set dress and pre-light.
  • Furnishing the location - This is where all the props come in. From old TVs to futuristic coffee machines.
  • Truck rental - We are going to have a lot of equipment, from lighting to props and we will need to rent a vehicle to move it all.
  • Promotional material for the festival circuit (paying entry into festivals, printing of the poster) - We plan for “Echo” to make the film festival circuit, and your money will help with entry fees thereby getting us more opportunities to get the film seen and gain attention. Subsequently, getting your name out there with a possible Executive Producing credit.


Currently we are in pre-production, meaning we are locking our locations down, working out scheduling, buying the final props and tying up a couple loose ends to make sure everything runs smoothly. We will be renting the truck for the equipment and doing camera tests and rehearsals with our actors. Scheduling is underway so that every second is spent as efficiently as possible and catering is being lined up.  

Our projected shoot dates are the weekends of May 20th-21st and May 27th-29th. This is the heart of the film process. During these dates we will shoot the entire movie wrapping up principal photography.

As we are shooting, post-production will have already begun. Our editor will be cutting the movie together as soon as we give her the footage from that shooting day. A rough cut will be made and simultaneously post sound work will begin. Over the summer, a score will be composed for the film and work will begin on creating Echo's distinct voice. Once the fall months roll around we will begin fine tuning the edit of the film, adding the sound work, and color correcting the film. Once this is done the movie will then be entered into film festivals and begin its festival circuit.

Follow us online at or on twitter @ECHOmovie

Thank you for your time and donations.


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