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Self-Cleaning, Eco-Friendly & Blazing Fast! Simply pour in water and it cleans itself! No electricity, filters, hassles or headaches!
Self-Cleaning, Eco-Friendly & Blazing Fast! Simply pour in water and it cleans itself! No electricity, filters, hassles or headaches!
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New LED Options Are Here!

So here are the awesome new LED options you’ve been waiting for! Not only do we have a brand new colored LED option, but we’re also upgrading all Large Bright-White LED buyers to an improved version with optional remote control!

Large Bright-RGB LED

The RBG LED is just as large and bright as the White LED, but has 12 variations of RGB colors, plus two color-changing modes. You can cycle through the 6 of the colors and 1 color-changing mode using the button on the LED. To get all 12 color variations and 2 color-changing modes you’ll need the RGB remote. You’ll want the remote anyway because it’s fun, super-handy and will make the most of your setup. After all, who wants to get up and mess with the LED every time you want to change things up when you can just sit back, point & click! It’s the NoClean Aquariums way!

Plus, one RGB remote works with multiple RGB lights. So, if you have two aquariums sitting next to each other they are controlled with one remote. This makes it a snap to coordinate the color-changing modes so each aquarium changes to the same color at the same time, creating a nice, polished effect.

These new LEDs are awesome for parties or just chilling out and can even be used as night lights. We highly recommend colored LED 4-pack backers message us to upgrade to the new Large Bright-RGB LED option!



Large Bright-White LED

All white LED buyers are being automatically upgraded to a new and improved model. It’s just as bright but has a more attractive light pattern and can be operated with a remote control. The white remote can be added to any White LED for $7.

Just like the RGB LED, the White LED runs on 3 AAAs and last about 8 hours. We recommend replacing with rechargeables. The remote uses a button cell and has a 7-10 foot range. One white remote works with multiple white lights, but the white LEDs do not work with the RGB remote, and the RGB LEDs don’t work with the white remotes.


Are the LEDs Waterproof?

Both LEDs are submersible but we don’t recommend doing it because water can seep in and corrode them over time. Nevertheless, it’s nice to know that if a light does fall in just dry it well and you’ll be fine.



How to Order / Upgrade

Please message us to add LEDs and/or Remotes to your reward. If you’re upgrading from another LED we’ll send a Paypal request for the difference in cost (if you don’t use Paypal we can make other arrangements). Here’s how it will work: Say you originally got the colored LED 4-pack ($13) and you want to upgrade to the new RGB LED ($22). Send us a message and we’ll update your order and send you a Paypal request for the difference in cost. In this case it would be $9. If you also wanted to add the RGB remote ($8) it would be $17 total.

We’re planning on ordering the LEDs next week so if you want upgrades or additions please let us know by Monday so we can finalize the count and get the order in. From past experience we’re expecting lots of messages so please be patient because it may take a few days to respond.

Thanks again for your support!

-Craig & David


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    1. AdamDork

      Oh whoops, I missed the cut-off point for the RGB LED with controller, huh?

    2. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      Jess, we are still shipping the Colored LED 4-packs. The new Large Bright-RGB LED is an additional option on top of the others. However, we will probably discontinue the 4-pack after we ship your orders because we feel the new RGB LED w/ remote is really the way to go.

    3. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      Richard, we agree with you. That's why we recommend using rechargables. These run on 3 x AAA. Just pick up a pack of quality rechargables and a charger and you'll be set. You can get a starter kits on Amazon for a fair price. You'll probably find yourself upgrading all battaries in your house over time because they're just that good and save you $$$ over the long run. Not to mention the landfill issues. If anybody wants any specific battery recommendations please message us directly from our home page. Thanks

    4. Jess Zimbabwe on

      I'm confused. I paid extra for the colored LED 4-pack. Is that still an option? Or has it been superseded by one of these?

    5. David Moore on

      Please upgrade me to the remote multicolour LEDs

    6. Missing avatar

      Chet on

      Can you explain how these attach to the aquarium? Can these take the place of the lids, or do they work in conjunction with the lids?


    7. Richard Lecours on

      Very interesting new options on the lights! Thank you. Love the remote control idea. Works for me!

      Don't want to drop any cold water on this, but something that would have a big influence on my decision would be just how long do these various lights last on a set of batteries, and is there a difference in those batteries? Much as I love the idea of the lights, I would hate to have to change the batteries every week, and imagine the cost if it's those flat watch battery types. I'll go with the option where the batteries might last longest, most likely. Any chance you can post info. on that before Monday?

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.