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Self-Cleaning, Eco-Friendly & Blazing Fast! Simply pour in water and it cleans itself! No electricity, filters, hassles or headaches!
Self-Cleaning, Eco-Friendly & Blazing Fast! Simply pour in water and it cleans itself! No electricity, filters, hassles or headaches!
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    1. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      @Alnisa- just sent you an email to resolve the delivery issue. Thanks again for your support and enjoy!

    2. Alnisa Allgood on

      I've just got notice that you guys are doing retail sales, but I've never received the NoClean Aquariums that were part of my sponsorship level. Have you guys shipped yet?

    3. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      @EvgBel- Just sent you an email with shipping info. UPS needs your apartment #

    4. Missing avatar

      EvgBel on

      Hi! I have not yet received the aquarium. Please, check shipping status.

    5. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      @Kester- Just sent you an email with shipping info.

    6. Kester Spindler

      I have not yet received the aquarium and am wondering whether it was sent to my old home address. Is it possible for you to check on the status?

    7. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      @Rich- Your glass replacement went out on Monday with tracking this time. Thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark E. on

      @Rich- From the looks of the comments they may have a lot of issues to sort out with different people's orders- Mine was busted as well, and I'm waiting on a new set. I think we just have to be patient with them.

    9. Rich DiBuo on

      So November first I got my broken aquarium, was told a new one was being shipped.. 2 weeks later, still nothing. Was told they would check with the wharehouse for s shipping number.. guess what still no reply...

      NOT HAPPY ! ! !

    10. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      @Johnathan (Asked us about making larger aquariums) Yes, in 2013 we plan to launch at least 2 larger shapes and sizes and will continue to grow our line of aquariums. On top of the self-cleaning aspect we will be adding another very exciting element that we can't wait to share. A great way to keep in touch with us is by subscribing to our website here:

    11. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      @Teri- We are currently selling to the public at and we are currently in the process of getting retail ready with our package design.

    12. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      @Brigid. We will continue to stand by our high quality LED lights and will continue to provide them as the best battery option light for an aquarium that exists on the market today. Before deciding to move forward with these lights we tested over 25 different light samples from LED to incandescent. We found that our lights are by far the brightest, compact, don’t promote algae growth, water resistant and have the longest battery life of up to 8 hours on a single charge; not to mention they come with an optional remote. IMPORTANT: Per our instructions, push the button on the actual light unit OFF (not just the remote) when not in use to prolong battery life. We still encourage everyone to switch over to RECHARGABLE BATTERIES after the 3 AAA we provide burn out. We don’t expect you to keep buying new batteries every time- it just does not make sense.

      The greatest thing about not having any cords for a beautiful aquarium this size is the MOBILITY FACTOR. You can have three or more, different favorite places for your aquarium and none of them require an electrical socket. It makes a great center piece for your dinner table, illuminate your backyard patio on a warm summer night while hanging out with friends, travel with it in your RV around the world, relax in the tub and set the mood in your bedroom- the options are endless The great news for you DIY people is that these lights are extremely easy to convert into a plug in wall unit so you can have endless hours of illumination to enjoy.

    13. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      @Art T. As long as you provide regular water changes there is nothing to worry about regarding the “dead” space under the reservoir. We have not cleaned that area on some our aquariums for over a year and our water test results still continuously test positive and our Betta’s continue to be healthy and active. Remember, that space also provides growth for lots of beneficial bacteria that fish need in a healthy aquatic environment. By the way- keep and sterilize your next tooth brush instead of throwing it out- It will work great for removing the water line at the top of your aquarium (that probably have not yet formed).

    14. Missing avatar

      brigid on

      You know, I feel I've been remarkably patient with you guys throughout this entire process because I really supported how thorough you were being, but there's a giant thing you all missed - the light. Are you kidding me with this? This is not an acceptable method of lighting the tank. I can not afford to keep buying AAA batteries! Did you not test them AT ALL in ALL THAT TIME you spent working out the kinks of this project? They are USELESS.

    15. John Huynh on

      I got my tank a couple days ago, and due to Hurricane Sandy, had no power to post. Just got power back today and I must say I love my tank! The tank had a tiny crack at the top, but I don't mind it, as well as one of the LED lights(green) was on on arrival, seems it was on during whole trip. I don't mind that either. I just want to say great work guys!

    16. Jerry Loo on

      Got my tank couple of days back...set it up as per the instructions, put in a very nice red betta, a fern and so far everything is going well...I only wish the white LED lights last longer...mine started dimming after about one and half days. How long are the batteries suppose to last anyway?

    17. Josh Orth on

      two tanks arrived safe and sound this morning, Melbourne Australia

    18. Art Trevethan on

      got my tanks and all is well, just a question.

      There is a "dead" area that holds water in the corners below the reservoir. based on other fish keeping experience this usually gives rise to anaerobic bacteria which can be a problem. I do not see that these areas are flushed as water is added.

      I am not saying it is a problem for Beta, as I have not kept many of them. I would like to ask what your experience has been and if this leads to brown areas in the corners or other contamination and negative effects to the fish.

    19. Teri Timar on

      Got my tank yesterday. Everything works great. Now I need to get the fish. Great product. When will you be selling to the public?

    20. Emily Herrick on

      i cant get the hang of actually flushing the waste out of the bottom. any tricks for this?

    21. Jonathan on

      So I just received my tank! Been having a tinker with it and was just wondering -- when are you guys likely to start working on a larger version of the tank? :)

    22. Leo K. on

      Thanks for responding to my post, Craig & David.

    23. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      You can message us by clicking on our names under the project title.

    24. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      Wanted to let everyone know that we can’t look up contact or reward details through the comments section so please email us directly for questions and support.

      @Joe: Please contact us so we know where to send the missing components. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    25. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      @Kimberly: The remote would have been an additional cost. The LED lights also work independently from the remotes. If you look at the side with the bulbs you will also see a rubber button that looks similar to the bulbs- that's the on/off switch. Feel free to email/message us if you need anything else.

    26. Joe on

      I received my tanks today and I opened one of them up to try and put together. However, when I did an inventory of the parts, it seems I'm missing the reservoir piece part D in the instructions...I opened up all my other aquariums and it seems that none of them have the part this a mis-print or was I 'lucky' enough to have the same part missing from all of my aquariums?

    27. Kimberly Kaler on

      I received my tanks, but I was disappointed to see that I was not sent a remote for my led light. It won't turn on any other way.

      I got one of the tanks set up without too much trouble. Although, I did dent the lip of the reservoir bottom a bit while installing it. I hope that doesn't affect it's function.

    28. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      @AdamDork- Yes, because this aquarium has no filtration and since Betta breath with their labyrinth organ and not under water with their gills, this is the only fish that will work for this aquarium. Stay tuned for our next kickstarter project!

    29. AdamDork

      Got my tank up and going...but are Bettas the only type of fish for this?

    30. Dan Anuskewic on

      Well I got my tank today. Everything was well packaged and included instructions. I have my dragon scale Betta living it up in his new home. Thanks guys for a great product!

    31. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      Note on below comment. There is no "tub". We meant to type "tube"

    32. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      @ Leo K. yes the tub is designed to sit approx 1/2" above the reservoir floor and slightly below the grill. This setup provides the best suction power and cleaning performance.

    33. Brett Bolte on

      Received my aquariums. No instructions provided. Wasn't able to find instructions on their site either.

    34. Leo K. on

      I was just curious as to how far off the reservoir floor everyone's acrylic tubing is. Mine is about half an inch (approximately 12 mm) away from the bottom, just a tad below the grill (approximately 2 mm). Just curious...

    35. Leo K. on

      I'm in Southern California, and I received my NoClean Aquarium today. If you haven't received yours yet, I hope you will be fortunate enough to receive it soon enough...

    36. Missing avatar

      John Chin on

      I just received mine. Im not sure about getting new packaging before shipping it out.. Looks like all that was done was 2 extra pieces of cardboard folded in half to keep the package from moving around but I still felt it moving around when I picked up the box. Also I did not get any directions. Seems rushed out to me.

    37. Ryllharu on

      The package came a few days before the tracking number did for me. But as I opened the box, the packaging itself impressed me. Very effective for how simple it was. Great job guys! I hoping to get fish for the tanks very soon.

      I would only caution folks that trying to get the reservoir in correctly can be tricky for some. It's tough to get it positioned correctly when you can't risk putting your hand into the tank (because you're sure you won't be able to get it back out!) and have to use tools.

    38. Gareth Ripley on

      I like how my package came in before the tracking number did. :)

    39. Joe on

      Has anyone in Canada received their aquariums yet?

    40. Missing avatar

      Glenn Thomson on

      Mine just arrived today. Well packaged with no shipment damage. Easy set up. Great product. Terrific job guys, it was worth the extra time you took to get everything right. Congrats!

    41. AdamDork


      So excited to get mine but after all this waiting and the new packaging boxes, my tank is cracked?!

    42. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      Thanks Carleton for your review- we are very happy you are happy! All other requests can be sent to with your shipping address for extra parts if needed. Thanks!

    43. Carleton Torpin on

      I just recieved my NoClean in the mail today. I live in San Diego, CA, in case anyone wants to compare shiping times.

      I put the whole thing together in about 5 minutes and it's working exactly like it should. Even better, the white LED top looks great and is very bright. Definitely a well constructed product and the instructions were simple and easy to follow.

      One note I can make about packing is that the acrylic tube used to bring the water up from the bottom had been cracked in transit. The crack doesn't seem to affect the functionality of the device in any way ( I've replenished the water many times in testing so far) but if mine was partially broken, it seems possible that others' may be completely broken. How will we get replacement parts in that event?

      Thanks for a great product!

    44. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      We will be posting another update tonight- Stay tuned.

    45. Amy Nickolas on

      Can we, whom haven't received their tanks yet, get a shipping update please?

    46. AdamDork

      Some people already got theirs a week ago...what about the others?

    47. Greg Jennings on

      Any shipping news?

    48. Craig Wenger & David Turover 4-time creator on

      As far as heaters go we've found the Marina C10 works great. It has a built in thermostat and is preset. Remember to test your heater in the aquarium with a thermometer for a day or so before you add your Betta to make sure it's functioning pro

    49. Art Trevethan on

      Someone asked about heaters, And I believe there will be a lot of additional questions. here is a resource

      Specific to heaters, there is not a lot of water in the tank, so you have to be careful about overheating, think small submersible.

    50. Missing avatar

      Glenn Thomson on

      Really excited as we wait to receive the aquarium so wondering the same thing about the shipping details. Did they all ship at the same time or is it regional with different carriers? Is there a tracking number for the shipment so we know status and carrier?

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