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Making fresh, healthy salads is a chore no more! Rinse, chop and serve almost any salad in seconds with 60 Second Salad Maker!
Making fresh, healthy salads is a chore no more! Rinse, chop and serve almost any salad in seconds with 60 Second Salad Maker!
12,709 backers pledged $335,734 to help bring this project to life.

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USA Rewards Have Shipped!

Posted by Craig Wenger & David Turover (Creator)

Hey Backers, all remaining rewards going to the USA shipped last Thursday & Friday, so be on the lookout. International rewards ship Monday & Tuesday. We’ll have tracking information to email USA Backers early this week. International tracking numbers will be sent later this week. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Final Batch of Salad Makers Arriving to Fulfillment Center!

Posted by Craig Wenger & David Turover (Creator)

The rest of your 60 Second Salad makers are on the truck and will be delivered to our fulfillment center this afternoon!

It took 5 days for the cargo ship to be unloaded due to the large number of containers on board. The ship had all of the cargo from the ship involved in the collision PLUS it’s normally scheduled load. We were told that our container was located towards the bottom in one of the many stacks of containers loaded on the vessel.

Rewards will ship out this Thursday and Friday and we hope to have USA tracking numbers to email out early next week. We do NOT receive tracking numbers right away so please don’t be alarmed if you don’t receive a tracking number immediately! This is because our fulfillment center needs to put the tracking information in a special format (vs. their standard format) in order for us to upload into BackerKit. If they don’t format the list, then your emails will never go out.

Again, we hope to have USA tracking numbers to distribute early next week. International tracking numbers will likely take a bit longer. We’re basing these estimates upon the timing of tracking number receipt from our first batch of shipments. Of course, we will push them to send the tracking numbers to us as soon as possible.

We are submitting our shipping spreadsheet to our fulfillment center tonight so if there is anybody who needs to complete the survey or update delivery information the deadline for this 5pm EST today!

We’ll keep you posted!

Delayed Container Arrived into Port

Posted by Craig Wenger & David Turover (Creator)

Hello Backers, we are happy to report our “first” container that was delayed due to the fishing boat accident has arrived into port. The container is still aboard the ship but we expect it will be unloaded and clear customs shortly. Trucking time to our Las Vegas fulfillment center is 1-2 days so we should be able to complete the shipment of ALL remaining rewards early next week.

This “first” container is completely full with over 14,000 60 Second Salad makers, representing over half of all the pledged rewards. Even though we’ve shipped out all of the salad makers in our “second” container already (which was partially full), there are many rewards still left to be fulfilled. If you have not received tracking information yet, it means that your order will be shipped early next week. We ship in first come, first served basis, so backers who pledged “early” had their rewards shipped out first.

Finally, we’d like to thank Noah Jette for posting comparison pictures of our original 60 Second Salad maker vs. the “best” fake he bought in the comment section last week. Check them out here:

We thank you all again for your patience and will update you once your salad makers arrive at our fulfillment center!

Deliveries Have Begun!

Posted by Craig Wenger & David Turover (Creator)

Good news, Backers! MOST rewards to USA addresses from our “second” container have shipped! Tracking numbers were emailed through BackerKit last night (check your spam / advertising folders). Some west coast backers have already begun receiving their orders! Backers in other USA regions should start receiving rewards in the next 1 - 5 days. If you backed us for more than four salad makers, then your rewards will come in multiple packages and you should have a separate tracking number for each package (you may have received multiple emails containing different tracking numbers).

There are about 400 more USA shipments in the container that have NOT shipped yet but should go out by tomorrow. We will have BackerKit email tracking numbers to you when we get them.

INTERNATIONAL BACKERS: Some rewards have shipped however we are still waiting on tracking numbers and will email them through BackerKit when we have them.

There are still 983 backers who have not yet completed their “survey” to provide us with shipping information. We have been sending daily reminders to these folks but are not seeing much progress in reducing the count. We cannot ship your rewards until you complete your survey! Please check your inbox / spam folders for emails from BackerKit requesting that you complete your survey. You can also accomplish this directly at When using this link, you’ll be asked to type in your email address that you used with Kickstarter at the time you made your pledge. Then, BackerKit will email you a personalized link to your survey (check your spam / advertising folders!). If you do not receive the email then there is likely a TYPO in your email address or other issue. In this case, please do NOT leave a comment but MESSAGE US DIRECTLY so we can provide assistance. Due to privacy concerns, we won’t provide personalized assistance with your shipment / survey in the comments section.

We’ll post another update after all tracking numbers from our “second” container have been emailed to you.

Thanks again for all of your patience and support and enjoy your 60 Second Salad makers!

Deliveries & Salad Making Video!

Posted by Craig Wenger & David Turover (Creator)

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