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Making fresh, healthy salads is a chore no more! Rinse, chop and serve almost any salad in seconds with 60 Second Salad Maker!
Making fresh, healthy salads is a chore no more! Rinse, chop and serve almost any salad in seconds with 60 Second Salad Maker!
Making fresh, healthy salads is a chore no more! Rinse, chop and serve almost any salad in seconds with 60 Second Salad Maker!
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Production Update and SkinnyPlate!


Hey Backers...Our factory completed DFM for our tooling (showing watergate and ejector pin locations), which we confirmed to move forward. They are rushing us into production with a high quality, polished steel mold guaranteed to produce at least 300,000 units. An aluminum mold would be cheaper, but would not guarantee us consistent, high-quality results over the course of our first production run.

The outside of your 60 Second Salad will have a nice glossy finish. The top of the cutting board surface will be matte to make cut marks less noticeable. We also added our logo to both parts in addition to a “FILL LINE” inside the slicer that coincides with instructions. More 60 Second Salad updates soon to come...

Frustrated with diets that fail? Counting calories is confusing and starving yourself never works. Now there’s skinny plate, the meal time measuring system uniquely designed to help you easily lose weight!
Frustrated with diets that fail? Counting calories is confusing and starving yourself never works. Now there’s skinny plate, the meal time measuring system uniquely designed to help you easily lose weight!


On to other news... there’s a brand new project on Kickstarter called SkinnyPlate! It’s a simple product that helps people lose weight by eating healthier portions. The inventor of SkinnyPlate, Mike Caron, got in touch with us after seeing 60 Second Salad and hired us to help setup and promote his project- so here it is!

Bon appetit!

Tooling is underway!


Hello Backers! We’re here with a short update to let you know that tooling / mold making for 60 Second Salad officially began this week. Tooling should be complete during the first week of July. Then, they’ll send us a sample 60 Second Salad! When we approve the sample, they’ll start the “debugging process”, which is a test production run to identify and correct any manufacturing issues before going into full-scale production.

We’ll provide you with photo’s along the way and will be back with another update soon.

If your delivery address or contact information has changed, you can update it at any time here:

Thanks again and enjoy the weekend!

We Are Taking Over!


Hello Backers! We've made some decisions this past week that will get your 60 Second Salad makers in your hands as fast as possible. 

Instead of relying on our partner and having little control over the ETA and process, we are going straight into manufacturing ourselves as originally planned. In hindsight, we regret not doing this from the beginning, however, we were led to believe there was no need because our manufacturing partner was rushing production and would meet our deadline. Unfortunately, we learned some hard lessons about corporate bureaucracy and communication. 

We are working with a highly reputable and certified factory that guarantees food grade plastics. In fact, one of the many products they produce are baby bottles. We spent the past couple days checking references, some of them other Kickstarter projects, and we are very confident in their abilities and integrity. We are also impressed on how well the communication has been and how fast they get back to us on any questions- within minutes via text, Skype and email. 

Tooling will begin next week and takes about 25 days. Then we get our pre-production samples. Once approved, we go straight into production, which takes about 30 days.

We’ll post some photos of the factory sample the day it comes in! 

We apologize again to everybody for the delays. From the start we've tried to take the course of action that would provide you the high quality product delivered on time. Unfortunately, we've been thrown some major curveballs by people we trusted. But that's business sometimes, and you just gotta roll on. 

Understandably, we're taking heat from some backers about the delay, but hopefully most understand that the purpose of Kickstarter is to help entrepreneurs bring new products to market. Inevitably, there are bumps along the way. But we understand that not everyone appreciates these hiccups and hurdles, especially when they have never launched a new product themselves. 

When you back a Kickstarter project, one of your rewards is getting to see behind the curtains as a product is brought to life. It's not always pretty, there are always trials and tribulations, but again, that's part of entrepreneurship. 

We love the challenges that being an entrepreneur bring to us- if not, life would be boring! And there’s plenty of risk allocating lots of time and resources into a new product that from the very start has no guarantees. 

There is risk of getting knocked off (yes, but they are very subpar). There is risk of delay. There are so many risks we are naturally willing to take that many others do not. 

But it’s all worth it! We are proud to be the inventors and are looking forward to 60 Second Salad arriving to the marketplace! We also want to thank many of those who have supported and encouraged us along the way. Once again, we are working hard to get 60 Second Salad in your kitchens ASAP.

Production Update


Hello backers! We apologize for the delay between updates. We are learning that when you work with a large company they have their own pace of doing things, which has made frequent updates a little challenging for us. 

According to our last conversation with our partner, they are still making a few tweeks with some aspects of the product, such as making the handle more ergonomic. Once they finalize product development, tooling will be completed in 30 days and full production begins immediately. 

We are still working on getting a specific month and date. Unfortunately the new ETA will be moved to this summer- possibly 2-3 months. We are rushing them as much as possible but they plan on manufacturing millions of 60 Second Salads. Understandably, they want everything to be perfect before production. 

Even though lots of salad makers will be made, the first units off the production line are reserved for our backers. Our batch will be shipped to us immediately after they're made, so we won’t have to wait until all the units are produced before we start shipping to you. 

Going forward, it is our commitment to provide you with more frequent updates even if they are small- just to keep you in the loop. Thank you for staying tuned!

HUGE Update and FREE Accessory!


Hey Backers- This is an exciting update for several reasons! First, we have partnered with one of the world’s largest consumer and kitchen products manufacturer to make and distribute 60 Second Salad! They have decades of experience along with a powerful presence in the USA and global distribution in over 130 countries. Chances are good that you have one of their products in your home right now!

Our partner is throwing a multi-million dollar marketing budget behind 60 Second Salad and has aggressive plans to fight the cheap knock-offs that have come to market after we launched here. For starters, every 60 Second Salad now comes with a FREE accessory that will make your salad making experience even better! We are sending this accessory to all Kickstarter and BackerKit backers as a free stretch goal gift! 

This comes at considerable cost to us. Not only do we have the added cost for the accessories, but also the added shipping cost due to the extra weight (and shipping gets expensive once you’re over 1 - 1.5 lbs). But it’s worth it, because we hope to make up for it in no time with global distribution, which wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for your support. So we really wanted to say thank you and exceed your expectations. You really are the BEST!

To further differentiate us, there will be a new color for 60 Second Salad. It’s not white, black or green. It’s a unisex color that will help us stand out amongst the sea of kitchen products on store shelves. Because of the problems we’ve been having with knock-offs, we will not be going into further detail about the color or free accessory until absolutely necessary. Similarly, we will not be sharing information about our partner or the legal strategies that are being used to combat the knock-offs.

Our new partnership assures that you will get a top quality product with the highest material safety and production values. Their vast resources take a HUGE load off our shoulders in managing such a successful product and frees our time to do what we like best- keep inventing new products AND focus on taking our NoClean Aquariums business to the next level! BTW- we expect our next self-cleaning aquarium product to be a game changer (how’s that for a cross promotion:)!

You should have received the survey by now. If you haven't done so already, please complete yours right away by clicking HERE. Our manufacturer is committed to meeting the May shipping deadline that we set and we need the final counts and shipping information ASAP.

And of course, we are still taking pre-orders on BackerKit. Please help share the two links below to ensure nobody in your social network gets duped by ordering a phony knock-off that doesn’t even swivel- made from who knows what kind of plastic! Conveniently copy and paste the following to your network: 

Watch out for the phony knock-offs and order the ORIGINAL 60 Second Salad Maker HERE: Product info and video:                                                                                Pre-order product here:

Thanks again backers!

David and Craig