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The new film from Student Academy Award Winner Lubomir Kocka. 6 people, 3 shots, 1 film.

The new film from Student Academy Award Winner Lubomir Kocka. 6 people, 3 shots, 1 film. Read More
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The Nightly Lives of Forgotten Objects is a short film, senior thesis project, of Student Academy Award Winning Director Lubomir Mihailo Kocka

The lives of three couples are intertwined as the passions lies and infidelities of the night come to light in the morning.

Michaela is a married food critic, who seeks diversion from her daily routines in a fleeting affair with the also married Steven.  After a moment of passion, Michaela returns home, leaving behind a smudge of crimson lipstick on a wine glass.  Just the proof that Steven’s wife Danielle needs.             

As Michaela returns home she finds the door locked.  while breaking into her own home through a kitchen window, she shatters a vase of flowers.   She must hide this evidence from her husband Taylor.

Jenifer is alone for the evening.  In her boredom she uses one of her husband Manuel's cameras to spy on her neighbors.  She catches Michaela and Steven embracing.  She snaps a photo, not knowing that Manuel and Taylor are friends        

Lubomir as well as the rest of his crew attend Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Georgia and are exited to be working on a project of this caliber for their senior year. 

We will be shooting in Macon Georgia and working closely with their film commission as well as the production company, Bright Blue Sky

Every scene of the film will be captured in long takes, bisected by a timlapse from night to morning.   We hope, if budget allows to shoot this film on the cutting edge, Arri Alexa camera.

Two actors, six roles.  This will require makeup, wigs, and even prosthetics.  Also the acting challenge of becoming three different people for one film will require a professional. 

In order to properly tell a story of our modern time the sets must be state of the art and high fashion,  Every piece of furniture or light fixture will reflect the character that purchased it.  

Over all we feel that this is a worthwhile project and a story that is so close to everyone living in this modern age.  We are making people open there eyes to the nightly lives of the people around them then refusing to let them look away. 


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    The special, Executive Edition DVD. This DVD will contain not only the final version of the film but also a documentary of the making of the film, the original promotional video, set photography, a test segment shot on 16mm film and much more.

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    For our ultimate supporters, The Executive Edition DVD, name in the credits, a piece of original, visual art and... Two VIP passes to the Macon Film Festival for the premier of the film.

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