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The 3D Dungeon tiles for miniatures and role playing games you have always wanted. Sturdy, easily transportable, and highly detailed.
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Painted Super 3D Dungeon boards

Posted by Tyson Koch (Creator)

Hello all! 

It has been a busy few weeks getting everything together to paint and ship the painted boards. 

I am making a change for the painted boards: I will be removing the wood backing on them. After producing a few hundred of these tiles and spending time playing with them I feel they are unnecessary. They add a lot of time to production and significant weight to shipping. If you still want wood backing for your painted tiles I am more than happy to include it as it was listed in the initial KS, just let me know via e-mail at

Each tile will also come in its own box for easy shipping and storage. 

Those of you that are getting board sets that are not painted like the ones in the pictures will soon be getting an e-mail from me to verify your color choices.

Here are a few pictures of one of the completed painted sets.

Here are the boxes that they will come in!

Again, thank you everyone for your support and patience! It means a lot to us, and has made this a successful project.


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    1. Tyson Koch Creator on

      Yes, those were quite heavy boxes! Just imagine carrying 20 of them to the post office!
      I plan on doing another project like this again. I have more board designs in progress and will be making my production much more streamlined. :)

    2. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I wish I had the money because there's no way I can paint them like that.
      I also wish you had taken the wood backing before, because I was half dead when I arrived home from the post office. 8-)
      And ifI can have a third wish, then I wish you can do another project like this on the future. I'll go for smaller painted pieces. 8-)

    3. Tyson Koch Creator on

      Yes, some sets of the "standard" painted boards are going out. :)

    4. Will Baker on

      Painted I mean =)

    5. Will Baker on

      Drool! Are any of the boards shipping?