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The 3D Dungeon tiles for miniatures and role playing games you have always wanted. Sturdy, easily transportable, and highly detailed.
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Painted Tile #3

Posted by Tyson Koch (Creator)

Finished painting Tile #3 and thought I would share it with everyone :)

Here is a high rez version of the tile, with just the edge cleaned up after taking it out of the mold and the pillars set on it. In this picture the tile has not been laminated to the wood backing yet.


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    1. Tyson Koch Creator on

      That wold be cool! :) But sadly they are just green similar to Games Workshop Scorpion green. The colors in the pictures are a little over saturated due to the intense light I have set up for taking pictures of miniatures.

    2. Kurt Kier on

      Sexy sh*t Tyson. Are the highlights on the center piece fluorescent? Hmmm... gaming by blacklight.

    3. Tyson Koch Creator on

      You are correct! :)
      I fat fingered that.... Everything will be double checked before any survey goes out.

    4. On The Lamb Games on

      Check your numbering, this one is listed as #2 on the front page. Don't want to confuse folks when they fill out the surveys :)

    5. Tyson Koch Creator on

      I have some friends that have small children that LOVE to play SDE too. The nice thing about that game is that if the consul is the "adult" they can tune the difficulty of the game some almost anyone can play.
      my group a older gamers still love it because we can ramp up the difficulty with using all the rules and special abilities.

    6. Micheal B on

      :D awesome looking stuff!! I have been teaching my nieces to play SDE over the weekend and they love it, so they will be even more excitrd to play when these arrive later in the year.

      Nice work !!