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The 3D Dungeon tiles for miniatures and role playing games you have always wanted. Sturdy, easily transportable, and highly detailed.
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Pictures of final boards!

Posted by Tyson Koch (Creator)

Here are the pictures of the final boards! Board tile #6 still has some parts being made for it but the pictures will show you exactly what it will end up looking like. I've also made #6 much more functional and interesting, turning the corners into rooms instead of blocked off solid stone.

I've also made a material change. While working with the various materials I realized that most, if not all, of the industrial foams you can get now take many hours to dry. So I switched the interior to a resin/micro-bubble slurry. This works out better though because it will be MUCH stronger than any foam filler and will simplify production. 

Typically with resin you need to wash the parts before you paint them. If you are receiving unpainted tiles they will already be washed. After they are washed and dried they are laminated to the wood boards. The whole point of the wood backing is to provide a structure that is not heat susceptible. The last thing you want are boards looking like potato chips when you get them out of a hot car! You will still need to wash the smaller parts that will be attached to the board tiles.

I also added a loot pile add-on.

Next up is making molds of the final boards and getting some painted versions up for everyone to see. 

Thank you to everyone that has backed this project and that may be thinking about it!


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    1. Tyson Koch Creator on

      They will be cast as a whole board. Just the masters were originally made out of individual parts.

    2. James Greene on

      Tyson: Do you intend to build each board from individual cast parts or are you going to create a mold of each individual board type to cast as a whole?

    3. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I too like the rooms with detachable roofs.
      I think tile 6 will be the bestseller of the lot.
      Everything looks great.
      I wish I already had it at home... although I suppose I should paint the minis first...

    4. saige on

      Really looking good. Great idea on using the space for extra rooms.

    5. Tyson Koch Creator on

      Thank you !
      The bridge will come separate from the tile. You can glue on the posts and slide the bridge loops over them so that you may remove the bridge as needed.

    6. PY on

      Awesome, and that 4 corners tile with the individual room - very nice touch.
      Will the bridge be easy to place and remove for gaming purposes? (Large models or other happenings)