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$22,958 pledged of $50,000 goal
By Sad Cat Software
$22,958 pledged of $50,000 goal

Recent updates

Ormr Lives! :)


Hi Everyone,

If you've been following us and receiving updates already, please disregard this email. :) However, a few of you wrote in to tell us that they heard nothing and were pleasantly surprised we were still alive and kicking, and, in fact, nearing a well-tested 1.0 release. Hence this update.

We've been really hard at work during this time, and Ormr has all of the key features we mentioned in our campaign - in fact, you can download it now and see for yourself.

It's very important that If you want to follow what we're up to, you sign up on our website, Twitter, or Facebook, since we will now be using those accounts as primary means of communication. And, of course, if you would like to support us, you can always purchase Ormr at any moment. :)

Thank you again for all your support through these years. We wouldn't be here without you.


Oleg Samus
Sad Cat Software

Next Steps

Hi everyone,

As our Kickstarter campaign draws to a close, we wanted to give you an update on what we're going to do next. While it's clear that despite our joint efforts we're not going to reach the funding goal, the feedback and support we've received from many of you has been overwhelmingly positive and incredible enthusiastic.

Over 700 of you pledged almost $20,000 - and that's before we could even release any public version of the editor! Even just in terms of the number of backers alone, this is a fairly large Kickstarter project. It's clear to us that the right time for Ormr to happen is now.

Because of this, combined with our own passion and personal reasons for the project, we've decided to go ahead and finish building Ormr anyway. We think the idea is just too good to let it whither away, especially with a very large amount of work already done.

Of course, since we didn't reach our funding goal, the release dates may potentially change, though we'll try to meet original deadlines anyway.

Sign Up For Updates

One key point is that we need your support more than ever before, particularly when it comes to feedback on early versions of Ormr and spreading the word about it in general. To make sure we can reach you outside of Kickstarter, please follow the link below and sign up for updates and alpha and/or beta testing on our website. This way, we can start building a united community for those of us who are interested in Ormr:


Alpha Progress

Meanwhile, we're continuing our work. At the moment, we are finishing up procedural transformations (think resizing layers and folders, and being able to retroactively change how you have resized an entire image if you ever did so). Then, we only have these chunks left before we can release an alpha version:

- Text editing
- Adding more kinds of tools, brushes, effects, etc.
- Fixing the current shortlist of bugs

Once we're done with these, an alpha version will be made available to those who requested it, hopefully sometime in January 2013.

Exciting Year Ahead

Something tells us we have some very exciting times ahead of us early next year, especially as Ormr gradually comes to life and more and more artists see the full potential and incredible power of its approach.

So stay with us - together, we can make the life anyone who has ever touched anything graphical better and even more creative!


Oleg Samus
Ormr Dev Team

10% And Counting! :)

Hi Everyone,

First, thank you again for backing Ormr. It's exciting to have so many supporters for our idea, and many of you wrote to mention how useful it might be when the editor launches. I'm happy to announce that we've just reached the 10% milestone, and we're working hard behind the scenes to help spread the word even faster. We've already had Creative Pro post an article about Ormr (http://www.creativepro.com/article/ormr-image-editor-may-make-undoredo-thing-past), and have received many words of support from many artists and designers.

On a personal appeal note, if you would like to help Ormr take off even faster, and know someone who might be interested in in it, please spread the word, too! The more people know about it, the faster and better we can build the editor, and the sooner we can get it into your hands to play with.

We're also going to be making slight changes in several of our rewards, so stay tuned for more Ormr news soon! :)

- Oleg