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We've collected 100s of Occupy images. Now we're going to print & distribute thousands of posters, to help this movement stay visible!
We've collected 100s of Occupy images. Now we're going to print & distribute thousands of posters, to help this movement stay visible!
351 backers pledged $24,218 to help bring this project to life.

New Projects and New Rewards

Things are in a flurry of activity here at Occuprint HQ, so we thought it's time for another update. Thanks to your wonderful support, we feel confident enough on the fundraising side of things that we've begun work on some new printing projects. We have almost reached our funding goal with more than two weeks to go still, but we can still use your help! Spread the word about this campaign to fellow activists and friends around the world.

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General Strike Posters & New Rewards

First up, we are printing 10,000 posters for the general strike called for by parts of the Occupy movement on May Day (or what the rest of the world calls Labor Day). We will print 5,000 copies of Molly Crabapple's wonderful general strike poster, and 5,000 of a new design by Josh MacPhee. We are going to press in a few days so we can start distributing the posters in time for May Day organizing. If you're attending Left Forum in New York City this coming weekend, keep your eyes peeled. 

We are also running a limited edition version of each poster on slightly heavier paper. For those interested, check out the new rewards we've created for a chance to get a hold of those!

Some people have contacted us with an interest in receiving multiple rewards. It appears like Kickstarter doesn't make this possible, but there's an easy workaround. Simply add up what rewards you want and pledge that total amount (or more!). Pick one of the rewards you'd like to receive and contact us to let us know which other one(s) you'd like. If you already made a pledge and want to add an additional reward, click on "Manage my Pledge" on our project page to increase your pledge amount. 

Other May Day Items

We are also printing stickers that we will share with Occupy organizers starting next week. We are starting with a run of 3,000, and if they work well, we will print up to 20,000 more. 

We're also thinking about other ideas for May Day. One that we're toying with is mass produced penants (possible design pictured above). Let us know if you think this is a good idea in the comment section of this update. Don't forget, if you selected a reward that includes "one of everything," you will receive one of these for yourself, in addition to all the limited edition posters.

Other Activities

This week we're holding our first design charrette to brainstorm ideas for new May Day imagery. We're also working with students at Brooklyn College studying radical movements to put together a second charrette focused on creating art for the student movement.

We're also continuing work on the portfolio (see our previous update for some footage of the printing). Printers are busy in Nashville, Oakland, Brooklyn, and Portland, Oregon, and we are on schedule to finish printing all portfolio images by early April.

Your support makes all of this possible! Thank you.

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