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All six Uncle books by J.P. Martin, illustrated by Quentin Blake, in one lavish edition with new introductions by Neil Gaiman and more.
540 backers pledged £29,177 to help bring this project to life.

Housekeeping email - please read! 2 days to go...

Posted by Marcus Gipps (Creator)

Dear all

So there are less than two days to go now, and I'm very grateful to all of you for your support. There's quite a lot of important information at the bottom of this update, as it looks from the data I can see that some people have perhaps chosen the wrong reward selections, so please do read on and check.

It's been loads of fun doing this, and wonderful to see all the amazing things in various archives or from J.P. Martin's family (check updates 7, 8 & 9 for reports on what I've found). THE COMPLETE UNCLE is going to be even better than I dared hope at the beginning of this month, although I won't have room for everything! We've been joined by Will Self, who has already contributed his piece, which is wonderful. Welcome to new backers, and I can't wait to start sending the books out well in time for Christmas. If you know someone who might be interested, or you'd like to order more than one copy, it isn't too late to pledge! And don't forget the CD, containing J.P. Martin reading from his works, which is available to add to your pledge for £12 UK or £14 international.

I've had more than a few emails from people who have been confused by the difference between *pledge level* and *reward selection* - I thought it made sense to just run through a few basics. After Friday there's no way to change your selections, so best to get it worked out now if possible. This can all be a little confusing, so please do contact me through kickstarter if you're stumped.

I'll break this up into different pledge levels, so please do scroll down and find your level to see if there's anything relevant to you, but the two most important things for everyone are these:

If you want to add anything extra to any level - such as a CD or an extra book - you need to increase your *pledge amount* but leave the *reward selection* where it is. So if you have pledged £37 for the book and UK postage, and you wanted to add a CD for £12, you would change your *pledge level* to £49 but still select the £37 *reward*. Some time after the kickstarter ends I'll send out a survey and you'll be able to tell me that you've ordered an extra CD.

If you're not based in the UK, make sure you've selected international postage. If you're ordering a complex combination of things, and you're not sure of the postage costs, please do drop me a line.

£1, £4 and £12 rewards - this should all be straightforward.

£30 rewards - please make sure that you're able to pick up the book in central London within a month of publication. If this is not possible, you need to pledge at the £37 reward level to include postage. If you are picking up, add £12 for a CD or £30 for an extra book (or £60 for 2 etc).

£37 rewards - you should be paying either £37 (UK) or £45 (international) for your book. Add a CD for £12 UK or £14 international. If you want more than one book, you can select a higher reward level. If you have pledged anything other than £37, £45, £49 (incl. CD UK) or £59 (incl. CD international), please check you've pledged the right amount.

£70, £100, £130 and £160 rewards - this should all be as per the £37 level. Add an extra £12 for an extra CD in the UK, £14 international.

£75 and £105 levels - you're getting the signed editions. Add £12/£14 for a CD, and you can also add extra books to your pledge level for £30 a copy UK, £37 internationally. Please make sure you retain the same *reward selection* if you change your pledge, as if you lose your limited spot someone else might grab it.

£250, £300 and £500 levels - these should be clear, but again, add £12/£14 for a CD, £30 for an extra book UK, £37 for an extra book internationally.

Sorry, that was dull but important - thanks for bearing with me, and for your support so far. Almost done, but not too late for a last push! One last tweet, facebook like or email to a friend would be greatly appreciated!




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