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Chris is putting up a show at this year's Hollywood Fringe Fest and could use your help.

Hey there!  This is Chris McGowan and thanks for checking out this page!  I'm a writer/performer/improviser/actor guy out here in Los Angeles and I am putting up a solo show at this year's 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festival.  Check out more about the amazing fest at!

The show I'm doing is called "Life, The Universe and Chris McGowan" and it asks the question, if I could build a time machine, what mistakes and regrets would I go back and fix?  I've also loved science fiction my whole life, so I'm finally able to write and perform my very own time travel story!

Here's a promo video:

I'm doing 3 shows during the Fringe and one goal is to obviously showcase what I can do performance-wise.  It's also, for the most part, a comedy show, so it has lots of fun moments.  But, at the same time, this show is built upon lots of true stories of me growing up.  "The past" is something I personally struggle with and some of the stories are very meaningful to me.  It's also my hope that other people who might struggle with letting go, or forgiving yourself, or just dealing with mistakes might find the answers they're looking for.

Maybe the answer to everything?

Here's another promo video:

So I'm reaching out for a little help.  The goal is humble, but raising this money will help get this show up & on its feet and may even help get it some extra attention.  If you can help, that's awesome, and claim your prizes.  Note, as we get more content up to promote the show, I may add them to some of the prizing.  If you can't help monetarily, I totally get it and thank you for taking the time to check this out!

OK, so that's about it.  I should give proper credits here.  I'm writing and performing this show.  Carla Snowden is my producer and director.  Susie Hayasaka is helping with publicity and marketing.  Finally, Amanda Barnes did the photography and graphics work!

Thanks again, and if this project isn't for you, consider throwing a couple bucks to someone else's - there are some pretty cool things on here that could use your help!

Oh, and one last promo video:

- Chris


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    All the previous stuff, but before the living room performance, I'll make dinner (Macaroni and Beef - a Southside delicacy, and Hawaiian Salad - not quite fruit and not quite dessert, but delicious either way) for you and any of your guests to eat while I do the show.

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