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The cleanest, sleekest, and most functional iPad or Tablet Stand!

The cleanest, sleekest, and most functional iPad or Tablet Stand! Read More
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About this project

STETi - A revolutionary way to use your iPad or tablet and will make things more comfortable, easier to use, and just a lot more fun. 

Enjoy all the best of your iPad or tablet while lying in bed, chillin on the couch, or for that road trip in the car. Maybe take some time, slow down and read a book or watch a movie while enjoying a hot bath. 


We at Spring Board Idea Co. put tons of thought and engineering design into our first product, we wanted to make it right the first time and every time you STETi.

We love to tackle the practical problems that life throws at us with the most reliable, ergonomic and sleekest products we could design. Kickstarters, we need your help to get this final push to production, and if successful, see it in a store near you! We love STETi and hope you will too. Founders Eric Barden and Gordon Crum started Spring Board Idea Co. to work on and advance the ideas they had stuck in their heads. They started with pencils on paper, and STETi's design emerged. Although we had just designed a rock solid tablet stand, we still needed a name. We thought it was perfect that the latin phrase for standing firm is steti and is a great name to describe our first product. Along our journey, more and more people became interested in our ideas and pushed us to pursue the design, so they too would be able to go hands free with STETi. To make a long story short, after several months of hard work and development, three prototypes later we now have our final prototype! Kickstarters this is where you come in, and its all in your hands…without your help it might just stay, well... a prototype. 

in action
in action


We developed STETi to work with iPad 2 and 3, straight out of the box. The iPad is the leading tablet on the market in sales, but we didn't want to limit STETi to just the iPad models. So we created an easy adapter free to you only on Kickstarter for the Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD as well as the Google Nexus 7. With the simple addition of an adapter, free to you when you order on Kickstarter, just specify the tablet you prefer and be one of the first to go hands free.

Adaptor free to you.. only on Kickstarter!
Adaptor free to you.. only on Kickstarter!


STETi was designed to offer you unlimited movement on both the vertical and horizontal axis. We designed the plastic cradle and hardware with a cam system to limit movement when typing on the screen or to simply keep it in the angle you prefer while watching your favorite video. 

full rotation
full rotation

Amazingly we didn't find anything on the market that combined all the features needed to make a great stand like this. One complaint is that we were never really able to hear the sound well because all tablets have speakers located on the side or rear of the device. We wanted to incorporate a sound scoop that redirects the sound toward the user instead of to the side or back. It is never fun having to hold your hand around the side of your tablet forming a scoop to try and magnify that sound, you know what I mean because we have all done it! After all the idea was to be able to relax and get rid of those pesky hand cramps and tingling fingers. We found that after adding the scoop it was so loud you have to turn the volume down a couple of notches. 

The simplicity of this whole project came from the gooseneck arm that is used to support the tablet. The simple yet strong arm that gracefully bends over you in any direction, allowing you to hold a sandwich and your favorite drink at the same time. That is what makes this stand the sleekest on the market. In working out the minimalist design of STEDi, we couldn't use any springs, counterbalancing arms, clamps, or hinges that could scratch surfaces like other products do.  

The legs of our new tablet stand look like a boomerang and make a firm yet sleek base, leading to the name STETi. We are using high grade finished plywood for several reasons including, cost, availability and it allows us to use something other than solid wood that would be very wasteful and bad for the environment. Frankly, we chose this route because any other way was just too wasteful, and that is unacceptable for us. We also found that the thickness of the wood base made for easy storage and was light enough to carry anywhere. The mount on the base is perfect for all ages, it really is plug and play. It is so easy all you have to do is simply insert the arm into the base and you are done. It will stand there all day doing it's job perfectly! 

Kickstarters we are looking for help launching this awesome product we call STETi.  We want to make the best price points and keep costs low, so to make that happen we will limit the donation levels to the basics. Sorry, no t-shirts or any other frills will be offered, we thank you for your support! 

Risks and challenges

To keep costs low and production efficient we will manufacture and assemble the first 1000 stands ourselves. This is the only way we felt that we could maintain quality while keeping the prices as low as possible. We have sourced all our manufacturers and have gotten production run costs, we just need your help raising the capital to get a full production run. A goal we decided on early in this project was to maintain vendors here in America where there is some control and quality standards. What your money goes to:

Plastic parts tooling

Plastic injection molded cradle

Machined plastic and aluminum connectors and base mounts

Purchase and Manufacture of wood base

Purchase of gooseneck arm

We wanted to make a product that didn't require any assembly for you the customer. We just required it to be something that was easy to use and fun. Frankly the biggest challenge that we will face is the manufacture and assembly of the first production run. We are anticipating a three week production time to produce the quality of product that we ourselves will be satisfied with. We also anticipate a three to four week lead time from our vendors after we submit our orders. We are working from a home business and shop, and we guarantee that we will touch each and every STETi stand in this first production order. After the first production run we will have orders produced to our exacting standards by one of our vendors. If successful furture orders will be taken on our website and hopefully in a retail store near you. Kickstarters thank you for your help, we can't do it without you!

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  • Yes, Actually what we have pictures of is our first prototype. With the changes made by kickstarter limiting the pictures to actual items and not renderings we had to show what we have. We will be producing the cradle in a Black nylon based plastic.

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