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Let Remo take control of your air conditioner and save energy with convenience and comfort.
Let Remo take control of your air conditioner and save energy with convenience and comfort.
Let Remo take control of your air conditioner and save energy with convenience and comfort.
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    1. Missing avatar

      James C

      Never got the email, but was able to get on shortly after I posted on here. I thought you guys had fixed it from your side. Either way, it's a non-issue at this point.

      Love the new triggers! I use the temperature triggers for auto-on and auto-off. I just wish they could be set by Fahrenheit not just Celsius.

    2. Nature Inc Creator on

      @SoMt Nutwadee
      We are still missing your survey answer about your shipping address. Can you reply?

      @Edwin Merill
      Apologize for the emails. We will see what we can do for that.

      @James C
      Ummm.. We are not observing the same issue now. Can you send email to our support team from "Contact Support" in the app?

      @Naiyana Thamcheeveevong
      We will check and get back to you.

      @Josh McKenzie
      Sorry for the delay. We will reply you shortly.

    3. Missing avatar

      Josh McKenzie on

      Hey guys... I sent your support team an email about a humidity sensor issue last week on one of my units, and I’m yet to receive a reply. Any follow up?

    4. Naiyana Thamcheeveevong

      I don’t get my nature remo. May you check?

    5. Missing avatar

      James C

      Ok new Android app. That's a good start. Only problem is, I have to click an email link to use it, and when I have the app "send an email", it never gets sent (not in email nor Spam folder).

    6. Missing avatar

      Edwin Merrill on

      Why do we receive some emails in Chinese only?

    7. Missing avatar

      SoMt Nutwadee on

      I haven’t received any Remo. Can you check. It has been years until I forgot

    8. Missing avatar

      James C

      Still waiting for the Android app to look and more importantly function even remotely as promised.

    9. Nature Inc Creator on

      Terribly sorry for being absent here!!! We have been updating on our web site but could not have written much contents in English.... Yes, we are arrive and will have major update shortly!

      We have direct integration with Amazon Alexa in Japanese (English one is under review process now) but Google Assistant in English and Japanese.

      @Edwin Merrill
      Yes, we will have major update shortly (allowing you to use sensors to trigger sending commands and others). The layout will be renewed as well. However, changing to Fahrenheit option is not as straightforward as it looks snce it is also related with our database. Let us focus on the current update and we will see what we can do for the Fahrenheit.

      The app timer should work for any appliances you register. Please let our support team know about the issue if you still have that.

      @Sean Teo
      We just confirmed that we have already sent you the reply.

      @Michael Knight
      Umm... It might be a bug in the app. Can you write an email to our support (support at We will guide you how to add your ac as well.

    10. JayC

      Is this company still around? The app hasn't been updated in forever and two years after release the device sell can't convert to Fahrenheit. Temperature and humidity sensors don't work. Ifttt connectivity hasn't been updated at all.

      The app is going to be deleted from the store since I doubt it's following the latest apple design specs.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Knight on

      My rules happen 1 hour later than the scheduled time. Is there a TimeZone setting or a DST setting somewhere. I don't see one in the App.

      I have a schedule to Power on my AC at 11am. It executes at 12 noon instead.

      Is there an update coming to allow temp in F instead of C.
      Also how do you get AC window units added.

      Neither of My Window units are recognized by Remo.

    12. Missing avatar

      Sean Teo on

      I got my Remo some time ago but only got it out of the box and tried using it recently. However, it doesn't connect to my wifi at all. Sent an email to your support a few days ago but no reply yet. Can you kindly reply? Realized the sides of my unit has some gaps too (unsure if it is normal or if the unit was damaged from shipping).

    13. JayC

      The app was just updated to allow for timers. This only works if you’re using it with the mini split systems I believe. It does not work at all with my portable ac unit.

      And still no Fahrenheit option.

    14. Missing avatar

      Edwin Merrill on

      Are you ever going to have any other updates to the app? Cleaner layout and support for Fahrenheit? Anything else? How can we find out what your plans are ? It’s deep cold winter here but would still like to know for next season.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jean on

      Hi. Does it support direct alexa without iffft? Sensibo can do it though.

    16. Nature Inc Creator on

      Sorry but Remo does not support homekit. We believe that have communicated this before.

    17. Missing avatar


      @creator - any progress with homekit ?

    18. Nature Inc Creator on

      Thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately, "swing" option is not anything we can easily add.... We will consider it for the next generation of Nature Remo.

    19. Annie

      Hi team, just wondering whether is possible to add the "swing" option for the kelvinator control? Other than that everything is fantastic and I'm really happy with it :)

    20. Nature Inc Creator on

      The best way is to compare with another humidity sensor. If you do not have another humidity sensor, please contact We will help you to find it out.

    21. JayC

      How do we tell if we have a defective humidity sensor eligible for replacement?

    22. Nature Inc Creator on

      Let us see what we can do. Can you send us the AC and the remote model number to

    23. Zacofany on

      Hi. I have Gree split air conditioner and Remo (Android) app finds only one type of Gree AC. However it doesn't work properly with the model I have. Can you add my model to database? What data do you need?

    24. Nature Inc Creator on

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      You need to use the same browser with IFTTT to log in from the Nature's magic link. Sometime, your email app opens the link with another browser. In order to avoid it happening, can you try to copy the magic link and paste in the same browser that you open the IFTTT web site?

      If you still face the same issue, please send email to

    25. JayC

      Hi - I can’t get ifttt to connect to my remo account. It keeps throwing an error when I enter my email address from the remo app into the connector in ifttt. Help!

    26. Nature Inc Creator on

      Thanks for your feedback! Yes, we will add rules in the future update. As for Bonjour, it seems that they also plans to integrate IFTTT so you might be able to connect with Remo through IFTTT (it is up to what they will offer on IFTTT).

    27. Annie

      Would be nice if for example ambient temp is 30C and nature Remo can detect that and turn on a/c at a preset temperature using rules.

      Would you guys also consider integrating with Bonjour (funded on KS) as it kinda n works like alexa. Would be cool if I told my Bonjour to "turn on my a/c"

    28. Nature Inc Creator on

      Thanks for your feedback! Yes, we are aware of the interface design issue and working to improve it now!

    29. JayC

      I think you should revisit your interface design. I finally figured out how to change the geofence and it is working but I had no idea I could move past the enter/exit checks. Some sort of prompt it indicator would be helpful. Thanks

    30. Nature Inc Creator on

      We modified the language as it was a bit confusing. You can change the area for geo-fencing as you want. As for the multiple events, let us consider for the future update. We will let you know once the Fahrenheit option is available.

    31. JayC

      When will you have Fahrenheit option?

      How are you defining Home? It appears that the geofence is using my work address as home.

      Can you add the ability to have multiple events triggered as a part of the rule? I would like the rule to send two events to my ac unit.

    32. Nature Inc Creator on

      Thank you for the kind feedback! Below is the answers to your questions.

      >1. When u will add "temperature " triggers that we can use the temp sensor?


      >2. When you will add "timing" trigger or time shift that it will adjust when the ac will automatically?

      Yes, you can use the scheduling trigger on IFTTT already.

      >3. How can i see what is the temp of the AC in the momen? Like if the AC is now working on 23 cel or 23 cel?

      Can you send us the model code for your AC and its remote to We will look into it.

      >4.My ios widget doesnt work at all, nothimg happen when iam pressing.

      Sorry for the inconvenience. We will look into the issue and get back to you.

    33. Nature Inc Creator on

      Thank you for the feedback. Let us look into the issue and get back to you.

    34. Annie

      the widget on my iphone doesn't work though. i still have to go into the main app to turn it on or off

    35. Nature Inc Creator on

      @Kentoku Matsunami
      Sorry for the inconvenience. We have pretty extensive coverage for Daikin AC. Can you send an email to with the name of your AC and the remote so that we can better support you?

    36. Missing avatar


      Nice progress, few things;
      1. When u will add "temperature " triggers that we can use the temp sensor?
      2. When you will add "timing" trigger or time shift that it will adjust when the ac will automatically?
      3. How can i see what is the temp of the AC in the momen? Like if the AC is now working on 23 cel or 23 cel?

      4.My ios widget doesnt work at all, nothimg happen when iam pressing.

      Thanks!! Good work

    37. Kentoku Matsunami on

      Still not recognize my Daikin remotes. Any updates? My remotes should be like any other standard Daikin remotes used for decades. I'm happy to provide any extra info if you need.

    38. Nature Inc Creator on

      @James C
      Sorry for the disappointment. We will do our best to release new features in Android app asap. Meanwhile, let us know if you want to try IFTTT integration. We recall you were waiting for the IFTTT integration.

    39. Missing avatar

      James C

      Well it works, and it does work remotely (on a distant network), but it's still little more than a remote control. All the functions promised and the management aren't available, and the ones that are available are on iPhone only. Still very disappointed. $80 for this?

    40. Nature Inc Creator on

      @David NIENNE
      Sorry for the delay in response. We have been checking with our fulfillment center about your package. Will get back to you shortly.

    41. Missing avatar

      David VIENNE on

      Try sensibo
      1/ They really send you your command
      2/ It really works
      Tired of waiting for my parcel and having NO RESPONSE

    42. Kickstarter Bad on

      sorry just noticed the other messages.
      Answered my question.


    43. Kickstarter Bad on

      Hi team,

      I was wondering how the temperature sensor works.
      my thermostats says 24.5 and my remo app says 29.6

      Just wanted to understand.


    44. Nature Inc Creator on

      @Marcio Camurati
      We are working on API/IFTTT integration now. We will send the update once it is ready.

      @Philip McDonald
      Apologize... We do not have the function yet....

    45. Philip McDonald on

      The newest update adds important functionality, but is there a way to change the temperature reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

    46. Marcio Camurati on

      Hi, do you have any news about API? Or integration with IOT systems like SmartThings?

    47. Nature Inc Creator on

      @James C
      Apologize for the inconvenience. Let us support your via support email you sent us.

      @BURCION Antonio
      Apologize for the inconvenience. We have sent you a reply to your email.

    48. BURCION Antonio on

      i'm stuck at

      When you see the "Tap Remo!" screen in the app, hold the Remo in your left hand and tap the center area of Remo with your palm of the right hand.

      Remo's front light should blink yellow while waiting for your tap, and blink blue when Remo

      i try multiple time to tap, nothing happen, i'm unable to make it work,
      i also try to reset multiple time.

    49. Missing avatar

      James C

      Definitely does NOT work from anywhere. My phone was connected to the internet and the Remo is connected to my unit. Maybe it's because my unit (LG) isn't supported. Yet you advertised ANY air conditioner with a remote. At this point, the Remo is STILL no better than my original remote. #NotHappy.

    50. Nature Inc Creator on

      @Oladejo Fabolude

      We are still working to utilize the sensors. Apologize for the delay. As for the functions for ACs, yes, we do not have the swing function in the app as the swing has a lot of varieties in different ACs and we found that it is difficult to support it in a unified manner. However, you should be able to use the other functions in the AC dedicated UI.

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