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Support quality menswear manufacturing in the Mission District of San Francisco. Making exceptional denim, jackets and shirts by hand.
Support quality menswear manufacturing in the Mission District of San Francisco. Making exceptional denim, jackets and shirts by hand.
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    1. Missing avatar

      CJR on

      I really would like to replace my two Dillon Montara jeans that were in my luggage and bag lost/stolen. These are the only jeans that fit me well and are my favorite. I have been searching high and low to find them to no avail.

    2. Missing avatar

      John Garcia

      I am still waiting my jeans, i was wondering who can i talk to about receiving them?

    3. James Park on

      After having worn the two pairs of jeans I've gotten since August, I can say I am most impressed with their quality, comfort, and great looks. I haven't worn any other pants since! Thank you and great job to everybody on the Dillon Montara team!

    4. Missing avatar

      Martijn Voerman on

      Update for the waiting: I just got a reply to my PMs.

    5. Missing avatar

      Martijn Voerman on

      Hi Guys, I don't mind we're doing things slowly. That was the point from the start. And I imagine you have your reasons, no big deal. But please keep us posted. It helps.

      I got my Jeans, the look beautifully simple. I love them. They unfortunately don't measure what they should going by the sizing chart. You have my PMs. Please respond.

    6. Jonathan Irganomix Edwards on

      Does anyone have a phone number to contact Dillon montara since written reply has been so weak?

    7. Benjamin Holmes on

      Long shot. But anyone in the UK got a Chore Coat in XS and want to trade it for a Small?

    8. Missing avatar

      dave epstein on

      Got the jeans and I love em. Thanks guys. Worth the wait.

    9. Christoph Koelle on

      Hi All,

      I have been trying to contact these guys for several weeks now with an urgent request, and have gotten no reponse. Is there a reason these guys have gone silent? I am slowly getting pissed off about this.

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


    10. Missing avatar

      Myo Kyaw Sett on

      Got Japan Blue & Chore Jacket today. Jeans is nice and fit me well. But the jacket 'xs' is still little bit large. Anyway, good job, DM. Thanks.

    11. Missing avatar

      Wong Veng Kan on

      I got the Japan pure blue today! Prefect siZe! Thanks for tailor made the length for me! Cheers!

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve J on

      Still have yet to receive an update, a return message, my product. NOT happy at ALL!!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Steve J on

      Have not received my jeans yet or an update. Was suppose to be delivered in April and Now its middle of September!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Trevor Ahrendt on

      Hey team, just got my jeans. They're beautiful, and snug. Bending your legs is overrated anyway.

      Are these jeans that should get a good soaking in warm water first, or should we just throw em on and get to fading?

    15. Les Campbell on

      Just wondering if it me but I can't get a response for anyone. I returned my american's back in the end of July due to sizing issues. Still waiting on them to send me back the jeans..check your inbox, all the info you're waiting for is in the email.

    16. xkaichaix on

      Got my Japan Blue & Chore Jacket today.The fit was great but the Yukata & Jacket need a higher armhole.It's just a wee bit low.That's the only downside.The Jeans fits perfectly,just need to hem it down.

    17. John M on

      Got the Japan Blue, fantastic fit! A little tight to start, which is what you want, and now that I've been wearing them a couple days they are really starting to wear in great. Great with the yukata shirt!
      Great quality, great style, always attentive responses to my email = A+ in my book. Happy to have been a backer, even happier to have some sharp clothes and a new fave brand.

    18. Alastair Crosswaite on

      The American arrived today. Perfect fit. Amazing quality and finish. Well done all @ DM for making this happen cheers

    19. Joeroen on

      Today I received my Chore jacket and Japan Blue. They are really great and fit perfect.
      @DM, thank you very much for this quality product. I will definitely keep an eye on your Brand and great products.

    20. Victor on

      I finally got my Japan blue's yesterday. They look great

    21. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      Hey guys! Hope all is well, I just wanted to know if when sending out jeans and jacket if they are tracked or not. Just really excited about the jeans and would love to know where they are! Thanks!

    22. Guic3 on

      Haven't received my Noir or Japanese jeans yet. Updates would be nice =[

    23. Missing avatar

      Lloyd Kee on

      I have not received my chore coat or jeans yet. Any updates?

    24. Alastair Crosswaite on

      Thank you guys for your rapid response :-)

    25. Alastair Crosswaite on

      Just a little anxious here in the UK. Pledge for The American @ $98. July 15th stated 100 pairs made which should have covered the earlier birds and me ?!
      Happy to wait just keen for info :-) Plus I would like a change from my daily Edwins !!

    26. Missing avatar

      Colin on

      Hi I have sent you a private message regarding my pledge. Would be great if you could take a look. Thanks!

    27. Joeroen on

      Hi DM people, can you give us a update? I am still waiting and looking forward in receiving my Japan Blue and Chore jacket. Thanks. Joeroen

    28. Missing avatar

      Daan van Dooren on

      What happened to the promise of weekly updates? Been 5 weeks already. And should I have received my jeans already? Etc. So please give us an update where you stand.
      Many thanx!
      Kind regards,
      Daan van Dooren

    29. Missing avatar

      Colin on

      I have yet to receive any part of my pledge and all my private messages have went unanswered.

      I understand you are trying your best for production, but it would be great if you could at least reply the private messages or comments.
      I am not trying to rush the production but some updates would be proper.

    30. Stephan on

      Received the Noir today. Construction is really nice. Fit is good, personally I'd like a little less taper because it's hard to wear most boots with them, but I knew to expect that. Great jeans overall!

    31. xkaichaix on

      So,the rest of my items will be shipping end of this week?

    32. Dillon Montara Creator on

      @Michael Tay:

      Hi Michael,
      The Japan Pure Blue jeans are coming off the line this week. We'll try and get your order off to you straight away. Sorry for the long wait.


    33. Michael Tay on

      I have not received my jeans and chore coat yet.. i thought they went sent out long ago?
      I've only gotten the shirt so far. are there any updates?

    34. Missing avatar

      Matthew Pearce on

      No sign of my Cone Mills jeans yet!

    35. Stephan on

      aaaand just received a shipping confirmation. Thanks ;)

    36. Stephan on

      Any news on the Noir jeans?

    37. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      Hey guys,
      I just wanted some clarification on the update. Is it just the single orders of chore coats that went out? Or all of them including if you got a bundle? I'm just very eager to get the coat as well as the jeans! I love the shirts especially the yukata and the keychain is awesome as well. Hope to hear from you fellas soon!

    38. Missing avatar

      david on

      I received my jeans this week and the sizing is off from what is listed. I ordered a 31 and the sizing chart says it will be a 32 but it measures a 31. Its says the thigh will be 22 3/4 and it measures closer to 21. Thats kind of a big deal for a fitted jean. Not only did I have to wait months for these jeans the sizing is way off.

    39. Missing avatar

      Brett Ferguson on

      Just received my American jeans today. Perfection to say the least. All that I can say to everyone else is that the wait will be worth it. You'll be wearing yours for years to come.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jared McAlister on

      Just got my jeans today and I must say, they are amazing. My first pair of handmade jeans. Some people don't get how it works when artists work. It takes time and it was well worth it.

    41. Les Campbell on

      @Dillon Montara
      HI I received my jeans today thanks however I think there is an issue with the sizing. I ordered a 38 and I just measured the waist and the pair that I received are measuring at 17.5in across that equates a waist size of 35. I'm more than happy to return this on my own dime to get a correctly size pair if that's not possible than I would like a refund.

    42. Dillon Montara Creator on

      Greetings all! The balance of the Noir jeans are under the needle now. Won't be long. Sorry for the long delay.


    43. Missing avatar

      Colin on

      I have yet to recieve any part of my pledge till now. Could i get the tracking numbers for my pledges. Thanks

    44. Missing avatar

      matt on

      @Kevin nope

    45. Missing avatar

      Kevin Kendall on

      Has anyone received their NOIR jeans?

    46. Missing avatar

      Wong Veng Kan on

      hi, any news about PURE JAPAN BLUE? I leave comment in your update but no reply! Seems you only mentioned about American jeans only~~~

    47. Missing avatar

      Myo Kyaw Sett on

      Thanks a lot for your reply. DM. I am looking forward to them and hope you could ship them soon. :)

    48. Dillon Montara Creator on

      Hello David and Justin - looks like your chore coats arrived a few days ago.

      Will - the keychains are available here:
      (use discount code "kickstarter" for 15% off)

      Les - your jeans and keychain are on their way!

      Myo & Rizere - your coat and Japan Pure Blue will ship together by USPS

    49. Les Campbell on

      @willpate, did your keychain come separately or as part of your full order?

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