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Get that extra reach to grab rails on public transportation. Never touch another dirty rail by carrying your own portable handle.

The rail reach is a device designed to help shorter people reach public transit rails that are simply too high.


Public transportation is becoming the preferred method of traveling for more and more people across the world.  As the number of riders increases, public transportation struggles to accommodate both the diversity of riders and the number of riders.  One particular problem I have personally witnessed is the height at which grab rails are mounted.

Many simply do not have height to comfortably hold on to overhead rails.  Some transit systems have lowered grab loops installed, but often these are either all taken or trains are already too full to reach them during peak commuting hours.


Instead of scrambling to reach a handle, carry your own!

The Rail Reach is a portable handle that can easily stow in your bag or purse.

Use it to reach rails beyond your grasp or just use it to give yourself a more comfortable stance during your ride.


The Rail Reach is also a much more hygienic solution.  You can commute comfortably not having to worry about who or what touched rails or handles before you.  Creating a separation from the rails greatly reduces your chances of transmitting/contracting germs from other riders.

The Rail Reach is designed to isolate surfaces that come into contact with rails.  The gripping surfaces will be recessed from the edges (in final production form) and when closed, be protected from touching anything in a bag or purse when carrying it.   It can be easily cleaned when needed.


The driving factor behind the Rail Reach design is commuting. Made from durable plastic, it has been designed to withstand the rigors of daily travel and can be easily cleaned. It is also extremely light weight, coming in at 30 grams on the scale.

The Rail Reach folds up into a compact size that can easily fit in a purse or bag. When you're ready to use it, simply unfold and clasp the hook portion on to an available transit rail.

The handle is covered with a soft rubber material to ensure comfort for long rides and provide just the right amount of grip.

The hook portion is lined with the same type of rubber to prevent sliding and provide a secure connection with rails.

Through computer modeling and analysis, the Rail Reach has been engineered to ensure stability and safety. 

The Rail Reach will be available in a multitude of color options to fit your personality.  We will have neutral color combinations if you just want to blend in with the crowd or bold color combinations for those who want to show off in style.

Please specify color choice when backing.

We are also offering a version that includes a convex mirror attachment for quick check ups on how you look or to take a look behind you without having to constantly turn around.

A mock up of the mirror attachment is shown above.

Who is behind the Rail Reach?

My name is Justin and I am a designer from the Bay Area with a background in architecture, but also a passion for product design.  I commute almost every day using public transportation and am constantly looking for ways to make the experience better.  Thus the Rail Reach was conceived.

The rail reach has gone through professional engineering by MEMA Engineering, a firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. MEMA specializes in new product development; from the early stages of idea generation to full production. MEMA also offers the following engineering services: mechanical engineering/design, finite element analysis, drafting, cnc machining and prototyping.  Please visit their website for additional information:


How much weight can the rail reach support?

The current design will support riders up to 200lbs, but our goal after funding is to increase the max to 250lbs.

Is it universal for all public transit systems?

We are offering two hook sizes to try to cover a range of sizes.  If for any reason the rail reach does not fit, we will exchange for the proper size free of charge.  If there proves to be a demand for additional sizes beyond the two we offer, we will add them accordingly.


With the help from Kickstarter the Rail Reach could move into full production and reach the market in a relatively quick time frame.  The money you contribute will go directly to creating the expensive injection molds, raw production materials, packaging, and assembly.  We have the manufacturer.  We have the design.  We just need your help to make this a reality.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

While we have done initial computer simulated and physical stress tests, we will continue with additional testing after funding is complete to ensure the highest quality and stability in the final product. Such testing may add addition time in the production schedule, but we will provide updates through out the entire process for all backers. Additionally, minor changes and modifications to the final rail reach may occur but we will keep backers updated throughout the entire process.


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