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ArtAround SF is a smartphone & web application that will let you explore, map and share public and street art in San Francisco.

ArtAround SF is a smartphone & web application that will let you explore, map and share public and street art in San Francisco. Read More
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Anna Bloom

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About this project


We are struck by how little we know about the beautiful art around us we pass by everyday and wanted to do something about it. The ArtAround project is about mapping the beautiful art in San Francisco, and, perhaps, change the way you understand and explore the city with a web and mobile application that lets you find, comment on, and share street and public art. 

ArtAround is about creating a living map of public art in San Francisco. Sort of like an “insideout museum.” We started this project because we realized that although San Francisco is filled with a wide range of rich, crazy, beautiful historically and personally significant works of art everywhere, most days, we all pass right by these pieces without getting to know them. ArtAround is a website and mobile application that makes it easy to find, learn more about, comment on, and share the public and street art around you. You can be a “community curator” and help us add to the map, too. With your help, we hope to capture the artistic landscape of San Francisco and maybe even change the way we understand and explore this city. 

Check out our android app in action in D.C.:

The money from this campaign is going toward bringing an existing technology to the city, making it better (including refining the photos, info and location we have for 800 public artworks) and sustaining the technology over time. 

Some of the features for the mobile app (for iPhone and Android) will include:

Filtering the map by

    • Different categories of art (i.e. murals, wheatpastes, statues, architecture, etc.)
      • Public art venues (i.e. museums, galleries, and markets)
      • Neighborhood 
      • Most popular (= works that art trending)
      • Events (get the scoop on the latest art festivals near you)
      • Favorites 

Other features: 


        • Flip through the content in the map and any filter in a list -- handy to also note how far you are from any piece you’re looking to find.

      • Currently only on mobile phones, you can mark works as favorites and be able to call up a special, personalized map of your favorite works. 

Individual Pages:

        • You can click on a point on the map and be taken to a page to learn more about the work. There, just like on the website, you can: 
        • Comment
        • View all photos
        • Add Photos (and have them be attributed to your Flickr username, if they have one)
        • Submit Edits: Users can submit more information or correct info about a work of art or venue.
        • Flag unusual content
        • See a localized map of that particular work or venue
        • Share the work/venue on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare
Add Art: 

        • We want you to help curate the website by adding new pieces that catch your eye and sharing any local knowledge about works in your neighborhood to make this platform a truly rich public archive. 


We have a lot of information and data on San Francisco’s public art (photos, locations and information about artists for hundreds of artworks) and have already worked closely with Washington, DC, to develop the technology behind ArtAround. The basic architecture and design for the app and website are built. This project will be about customizing it for the City of San Francisco, updating features, and creating a community engaged with public and street art. 

With the help and collaboration of the San Francisco Arts Commission, ArtAround will launch with information and photos of about 800 artworks in the Civic Art Collection, as well as information and photos of additional street and public art in San Francisco mapped by a team of early curators for the application, and a website that currently exists at


Funds from this project will go toward the support the curation, community and technology development (including adding new features to highlight and organize individual artists' works more effectively) of ArtAround over time in San Francisco. We would also like to be able to begin to support more cities who might like to adopt this technology as well in the future. 

The ArtAround project is about our love of art and being a part of something bigger than ourselves, but we’d also like to compensate the people who are helping us build and maintain this project. It’s nice when people make videos, code and design things for free, but it’s even better when they get paid for their amazing work. 


Our team is led by Laurenellen McCann and Anna Bloom.

By night, Laurenellen has worked closely with Washington, DC and the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities to build and design the original ArtAround platform. 

By day, Laurenellen works at the Sunlight Foundation, an organization dedicated to using new technologies to make government transparent and accountable. She works at expanding and supporting initiatives in open government and open data inside and out of the Beltway.  

ArtAround in DC could not exist without the many talents and insights of developer Eric Mill, the incredible styling of designer Caitlin Weber, and the fine mobile development craft (and good humor) of Brandon Jones, Brian Singer, and Evelina Vrabrie.

Anna Bloom is a content strategist at Hot Studio, an experience design company, working with Laurenellen 2,800-some miles away in San Francisco (also in her free time). 

During a fellowship with Code for America, a nonprofit dedicated to making cities better through technology, Anna helped to open public art data and build a mobile website to find public art in Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Seattle. She worked on this project with John Mertens, also a Code for America fellow, Matthew Blair, a talented developer from Portland, and Michael Ellsworth and Corey Gutch, two amazing designers in Seattle. The team also worked with Foursquare to allow people to check in to more than 3,000 pieces of public art in these four cities.


Our awesome Kickstarter video was made with help from cinematographers and producers Mario Furloni, Vanessa Carr, and writer, videomaker and actor Richard Parks and actress Rose Oser. Together they’ve started a super cool video production company called Societche (they also created the video for the Innovation Endeavors Super Happy Block Party which is worth checking out:

Special thanks to ArtZone 461 Gallery. The following artists' artwork was featured at the start of our video:

Lynette Cook
James Edmonds
Lara Hoke
Elena Zolotnitsky
Heather Capen
Sonja Navin
Deborah Stenberg-Service


Thank you so much, in advance, for any support you’re willing to give -- whether that’s in the form of a donation or just spreading the word. 

Additionally, if you’re interested in becoming more involved in this project and/or are an artist with street art you’d like to have mapped, please contact Anna at


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    Your name on the website, PLUS an early invite to the ArtAround SF mobile app.

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    Your name on the website, an early invite to the ArtAround SF mobile app, PLUS a pack of SF Art and Art Around SF stickers.

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    Your name on the website, an early invite to the ArtAround SF app, your name geocached (your name will be all over the place), PLUS you’ll get a poster depicting a stellar map of the landscape of San Francisco as seen through the lens of ArtAround.

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Your name on the website and geocached, an early invite to the ArtAround app, and one of two of the following: EITHER a copy of “City of Stairways: A Poet’s Field Guide to San Francisco.” Part travel guide and part literary anthology, this book is packed with original poetry, photography, artwork, maps, and tips on the places to see and be seen in San Francisco. It also includes anecdotes about San Francisco by local luminaries such as writers Daniel Handler and Lorna Dee Cervantes, San Francisco Giants pitcher Jonathan Sanchez, performer Paul Flores, and founder Craig Newmark. OR a limited edition set of three “Love Poems to the City” greeting cards donated to us from the San Francisco Arts Commission, based on a series of posters featuring writing by students in celebration of San Francisco. Each 5×7 card features a different poem excerpt. You can catch the posters in person on display at bus shelters on Market Street throughout Spring 2012.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    You get the website credit, stickers, early app invite, your name geocached and mapped, and the poster PLUS you’ll be invited on a special tour of San Francisco’s public and street art along with the creators of this Kickstarter project.

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