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We want you to join our campaign to make Canada the next President of the United States in the 2012 election.

We are the Canada Party. 

If you have been watching the elections -- and we've seen you watching -- maybe you've noticed the long, slow descent into rhetorical chaos, the doomed glares on the faces of voters, the parade of candidates that resembles an all-chimp revue of CATS.

We love you, America. And we're here to help. That's why we're running for president of the United States.

Our campaign promises:

- We will build the Keystone pipeline, but it will carry maple syrup. If there's a spill, at least the animals will be tasty.

- All recess appointments will include one hour of actual recess. #canadiankickball #wearacup

- We will change the phrase "job creators" to "job creationists," and give them seven days to actually create some.

If these values carry the same value as your values, then join us. Over the next ten months we will create more campaign videos, publish a book, construct a website, and design a series of campaign materials to be released into the creative commons to help spread the word and secure Canada as the new leader of the free world, by proxy.

We are Canada. Join the Party.

What the media has to say about our project:

And our second campaign ad, hot off the tundra:

Our first ad is embedded in the kickstarter video at the top of this page.

Thanks, eh!?

Chris and Brian.



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