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Valerie June captures “Little Ole Sound” on a sparkling, NEW record:  Manifest's video poster

I'd be delighted to see a community of fans and folks come together to help me record a shiny, new record that sparkles like a dusted diamond! HELP! Read more

Memphis, TN Music
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This project was successfully funded on October 12, 2010.

I'd be delighted to see a community of fans and folks come together to help me record a shiny, new record that sparkles like a dusted diamond! HELP!

Memphis, TN Music
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Valerie June
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Valerie June

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About this project

I am a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and part-time banjo picker from West Tennessee who has partnered with Kickstarter to record a new album called Manifest.


As an independent artist, I have released three “bedroom recordings” over the last 5 years. The adventure of following my bliss in music has kept me busy performing in venues all over the world from Tennessee to Ireland. Along this journey I’ve had the pleasure of creating music with the brilliant, talents of John Forte, Ketch Secor & Gill Landry of Old Crow Medicine Show, and Cody Dickinson of The North Mississippi Allstars. My music was also featured in Oscar-winning director’s, Craig Brewer & MTV’s 5 Dollar Cover Series. Check out the Emmy Award winning documentary by Alan Spearman; Manifest which can be seen at This documentary was filmed about my music and has had a huge impact on the way I’d like to continue my journey as an independent artist. I have written over 150 songs and only recorded 30 however; the time IS NOW to finally capture my sound on a 12-song album. I need your help! I have 60 days to raise $15,000 for this album. Moreover, I’d be honored to have you all continue supporting me, my music and the continued journey…

What will it be like to be 80 years old, looking back at my life as a singer-songwriter and having to say to myself: “I never had the funds to be able to afford to work in a studio with a capable producer who could help me capture the magic my music gives when I perform live.” What will it be like to only leave behind a stack of old, rough and tumbled “bedroom recordings”? While the thought of dusty treasures of old recordings being found beside a woodstove in a cabin sounds nice, I’d like to try my hand at one of those shiny, new gems that sparkles in the storefront display case. I’d love to see a community of folks come together to help me and other artists generate enough funds to create and continue not just my artistry but, of other artist hungry for a chance at being heard, seen, touched and felt. Oh, how sweet and what a dream it would be to perform a show & have a new recording for fans to take home that truly represents the scene they just witnessed and to unleash the sounds that have spent years brewing up and around in my soul…I need your support!

The days of traditional record labels funding such projects are dim and far & few between. With this new fan-funded model, the power and process stay in the hands of the people who care about it most: the fans who love the music and the musicians and all types of artists who love to create and make it happen. Just to note; although $15,000 seems like a great deal of money, it is on a small scale for a recording budget. I will be using the funds for the studio, mixing, mastering, musicians, and producer, so if you find it in your hearts and pockets to help me, I will return the music in kind.

Grammy Award winning producer, Craig Street has an impeccable track record working with several renowned artists such as: Norah Jones, K.D. Lang, Cassandra Wilson, Charlie Sexton, Meshell Ndegeocello, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Derek Trucks, Allison Krauss, The Holmes Brothers, John Legend, Chris Whitley and more...
I have a host of excellent musicians who are already on the train and we’re success bound with your support!

Thus far, I have been successful following the path of music because of the help of others. I KNOW we can do this!
From the heart of my music, and me thank you…

Thanks to Farkas Fulop for the Photograph!
Thanks to my very LOVING family for allowing us to film the documentary!


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    3 MP3s from 'Manifest' week of CD Release

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    Pre-Release digital download of ‘Manifest’ 2 Weeks before anyone else. (Plus everything above!)

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    download of my 1st "bedroom recording", 'The Way of the Weeping Willow' (ALL OF THE ABOVE)

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    download of my 2nd "bedroom recording", 'Mountain of Rose Quartz' & a download of Valerie June & The Tennessee Express-The collection was produced by Ketch Secor and Beau Stapleton. The songs possess haunting sounds from Gill Landry, Ron Gomez, and Cory Younts. (ALL OF THE ABOVE)

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    An autographed poster of ‘Manifest’ & a signed hard copy of 'Manifest', and a handwritten thank you note.(ALL OF THE ABOVE)

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    A handwritten lyric book and a video performance of one of my original tunes filmed for you in my kitchen posted on YouTube with a personal shout out (ALL OF THE ABOVE)

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    Valerie June t-shirt & A six pack of Lazy Magnolia Beer, Mississippi’s Finest & Only Brewery. Watch the Lazy Magnolia video:, and your choice of a scented loaf my handmade soap(ALL OF THE ABOVE)

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    1 hr. interview on Skype or you can meet me in person if we're in the same town (ALL OF THE ABOVE)

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    liner note listing & hand written poetry book & dinner-same city & same time. (ALL OF THE ABOVE)

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    House Concert in the US & a DVD from a live performance with clips from the recording session (ALL OF THE ABOVE)

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    original Valerie June painting maximum size 36'x36', my red cowgirl boots, my 1st guitar and a DVD of a live performance with add bonus clips and photos! (ALL OF THE ABOVE)

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