My ME-109

by Cary D. Palmer

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By Cary D. Palmer
$0.00 pledged of $150,000 goal

About this project

I would like to build an ME-109F2 from baseline.  It has always been a dream to fly one.  Not as a weapon but more as a work of art! 

Making a case for a project like this is difficult.  I look at this as a way to create competition in doing something like making a film like the "Battle of Britain".  Events like this have also been re-enacted in things like the The Civil War in the South or the Renaisance Faire.   Seems these types of projects are reserved for playboys with lots of money and time on their hands.

This is more of a school project than anything, I need to pay for my student loan.

That's it.


Risks and challenges

Highly risky project since it requires experience, money, materials, expertise and more than anything its needs to be profitable somehow! I do have a plan on how it can be profitable. Its a an issue of competition and progress.

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