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A quick and stressful cooperative board game from 1 to 4 players.
A quick and stressful cooperative board game from 1 to 4 players.
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For French players / pour les joueurs français : Top Secret Files FR

A quick and stressful cooperative board game.  

A giant bomb, a code to crack, 24 minutes to save the world.  

The pitch (1/4 players - 14+ - 6 to 24 minutes)  

A bomb has been located near the world biggest nuclear facilities. Time is missing and you need to crack a code in order to defuse the bomb. The world is counting on you, good luck!  

Find the password, save the world  

  • If you play solo, you have 24 minutes to find the solution.
  • If you are 2 players, you have 12 minutes to find the solution.   
  • If you are 3 players, you have 8 minutes to find the solution. 
  • If you are 4 players, you have 6 minutes to find the solution.  

Simple rules (in English and French)

  • You have the rules, a code to crack, a shredded file and a zip bag.
  • Take a pen with some paper and launch the timer. 
  • To defuse the bomb, you need to crack the following code: XXXXX. 
  • According to your sources, the solution is a five-letter word.
  • When you are ready, open the zip bag. 
  • Try to put together the file, crack the code and find the solution.
  • To check the solution, scratch the following area: YYYYY.
  • If you find the solution before the end of the timer, you win. 

Pledge 3 games = receive 6 games 

  • 1 game = 2 euros / 2.5 dollars (shipping costs included). 
  • 2 games = 4 euros / 5 dollars (shipping costs included).
  • 6 games = 6 euros (shipping costs included, the games are sent to the same address). 
  • 12 games = 12 euros (shipping costs included, games are sent to the same address). 

Why this game?

I want to create a simple board game with a price as low as possible. The components are limited but the game is very fun. If you like puzzles and filler games: this game is for you. Be careful, the replayability is low (if you know the solution, you can't play anymore). 

 Social Media 

  • Top Secret Files on BGG is not available yet (English). 
  • Top Secret Files on Tric Trac (French). 
  • Top Secret Files on CWOWD (French).
  • Top Secret Files on RCLudique (French). 
  • Top Secret Files on Ludovox (French). 
  • Top Secret Files on Troadé (French). 
  • Mister PNP on Facebook (English and French). 
  • Mister PNP on Twitter (English and French).

Risks and challenges

The game is ready, I will print it myself. I will try to do my best to deliver it in time.

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