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Global documentary initiative on its first of three international journeys to film stories of those who have forgiven the unforgivable.
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Dawn Mikkelson

184 backers pledged $12,981 to help bring this project to life.

21 New Backers, 6 Days, and Only $3,903 to Our Goal! - Message from the Director, Dawn Mikkelson


In the last day we have increased momentum with 21 New Backers, bringing us over 60% of our way to the goal on May 31!  Thanks to our 112 backers (some of whom have even increased their donations!) we are within sight of the finish line here.

Much is at stake for our last 6 days.  We are currently $3,903 short of our goal and if we don't raise the entire $10,000, the $6,097 currently pledged will go back to the donors.

This project has been a labor of love for me and the crew the last couple years and I really believe that it will make a big impact on those who see it, as they consider what true forgiveness looks like in their own lives. I know I have learned a lot about myself and the toll holding grudges has had on me in the past. 

So for those who haven't given, even if you can only afford $10, it helps . . . 

For those who have already pledged and for those who cannot afford to, is there anyone in your life that you think would LOVE this story? Please consider taking a few minutes to tell them about SMOOCH. It would mean so much to me, the crew, and to Kilong.  Just share this link with them

We look forward to sharing this journey with you.  Our deepest thanks for all who have supported us in one way or another during this Kickstarter journey!

Peace, Dawn Mikkelson, Director, SMOOCH

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