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Shocktato™ the Shocking Potato Game™. Pass the Shocktato around the group, but don't be left holding the Shocktato at the end!
Shocktato™ the Shocking Potato Game™. Pass the Shocktato around the group, but don't be left holding the Shocktato at the end!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Roepke on

      Just got mine today. Looks great! Can't wait to play and prank.

    2. Missing avatar

      Vicki Hone on

      Amazing. I got this on Sunday. Fastest shipping ever. It just so happened we were having a family dinner (a potato bar) and so we played the Shocktato game. It kept everyone who played laughing for hours. It was a much-needed distraction as we were together to plan a funeral. It was super easy to play and to switch between the different levels. It is amazing that something so simple can keep so many occupied for so long. I can't wait to play with my friends.

    3. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      Fastest delivery of a Kickstarter ever!
      Going to try it out for a birthday party next week!
      Thank you!!!!

    4. Nathan Thompson Creator on

      @Charles The 50% Off pledge gets you the Shocktato for 50% off which is the best deal we will ever have. There is a $5 shipping charge to get you the item as well yes. So $15 for the Shocktato and $5 for shipping making it a total pledge of $20

    5. Missing avatar

      Charles on


      It appears the "50% off pledge" level includes shipping correct?
      It's $20 and it should be $15 if it was half of your $30 MSRP. So that extra $5 has to be the shipping cost then correct? And you also didn't list this tier on your details page and there are 50x backers including myself on this tier.

    6. Tim on

      Awesome update!

    7. Nathan Thompson Creator on

      @Michael there is no difference. The current model is the Lightning Reaction Reloaded which is what is offered in our combo pack.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Roepke on

      What's the difference between lightning reaction and lightning reaction reloaded?

    9. Tim on

      @Creator, thank you!

    10. Nathan Thompson Creator on

      @Tim There is a power button to turn the game on and off. If makes a shut down noise so you know when it is off, It also has an auto shutoff feature if you forget to turn it off.

    11. Tim on

      Will there be a power switch to turn this off? If not how will it know when to shut down? Also, do you plan on selling this in any big box stores or Amazon in the future? Backed to snag an early bird spot and to check out details of the campaign.

    12. Nathan Thompson Creator on

      @Michael Roepke: It is a rubberized type of plastic to help durability.

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Roepke on

      It the shocktato outter shell going to be hard plastic or rubberized?

    14. Nathan Thompson Creator on

      @Mr.Mo you can check out details on Lightning Reaction out on our Amazon page.…

    15. Mr.Mo

      Nathan, do you have some more informations about Lightning Reaction?

    16. Nathan Thompson Creator on

      @Mr.Mo I sent you a message! Thanks!

    17. Mr.Mo

      So I have to add now $7 to my $50 pledge?

      Don't forget, I am from Germany.

    18. Plugfones on

      Shocktato!! Love it. I am already too scared to play... but strangely want to try it. ha ha.

    19. Nathan Thompson Creator on

      @Mr.Mo we are working with our factory to get testing completed for Europe. Stay tuned we hope to have an official update coming soon! Thanks!

    20. Mr.Mo

      Is a shipping to Germany possible?